Trophy's to trade

1 runner feather for 50 bones or hide (sold)

1 hopper core. For 50 bones or hide (sold)

1 spitter trophy for 10 bones or hide(sold)

1 wildstock trophy for 25 bones or hide

1 cutteltrunck trophy for 25 bones or hide(sold)

I do hunts when I can but this is stuff I am always needing. Some people may find this dumb. But thought I would try.:heart:


i got 35k hide to trade if interested.

and its not dumb, i always use to do trades, and it gets appreciated

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Oh wow ok what trophy’s you want I will do the the math :joy: I have.

39 feathers
162 hopper cores
1,636 spitter scale
598 wildstock
783 cuttletrunk

ill take hopper cores, useful for forging :slight_smile:

That’s all?

well hopper cores are more costly than hide

i will never turn down 162 hopper cores for 35k hide

Oh wait your giving me 35k hide for 162 cores :astonished:

haha yeah was it not hide that your interested in or bones?

I am just shocked lol and I am Infront of you hahaha

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haha i hear you! runs to game

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Thank you for the trade :heart:

always a pleasure thank you too! :hugs:

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Looking for you in game, I’m interested in some of this.


Oh cool ok. I am at work right now. Will be home in about 3 hours.

Wound up trading a bunch of stuff and a nice bit of chat. Bit of horse trading and some glue got involved :sweat_smile:

Always a good time Thanks Mrs Star and GL with the rest!

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Thank you for a wonderful evening :sparkles:

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Still have wildstock horns left 598

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I am a bit surprised the one trophy that is left no one wants… I thought all the trophy’s are used in forging.


NGL you just completely ran me out of bones and hide. I’m not sure if I’ve ever sold or traded away glue before the entire time I’ve played :rofl:

Otherwise I would have taken them since it’s the key ingredient to an important forge reagent.

If you decide you want coins for those horns let me know I’ll be right on it :grin:

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Since no one has asked for them… Yeah I will take coin. I will be on soon