Troubling finding resources

I started on Berlyn, and have played to level 24. The thing that’s been holding me up is simply fossil. Maybe I’m in a low-rate fossil area, but I don’t find enough fossil to make using non-stone hammers worthwhile. I maybe find enough barely to break even on copper, but I’m afraid to spend what few fossils I have to find out.

So I decided to stock up to move to Elopor, in the hopes that fossils would be more plentiful there, only to discover that I can’t open a warp to Elopor without spending 33 skill points on the hop skill. Because I have 33 skill points just lying around, unused. I suppose I can eat the cost of going through the Sanctum, unless it gets more expensive with every successive warp, like everything else in the game seems to do.

I found about 15 hard coal, not long ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the 20 silver to make one silver hammer to mine it. I had 2. At level 22.

What is the intent of the grind in this game? Is it targeted at the niche of players who play hours every day? Or is it intended to be even a little welcoming to people who don’t game as their primary life activity?

Anyway, am I just in a really bad spot for fossils? Or are they intended to be a precious commodity, and therefore relegate me to mining with stone hammers forever?

If you go into the desert and find some of the caves systems you can find fossil pretty easily. Usually that is where I get the most fossil until I was high enough to take on Wildstock who drop it as a reward.

As for going to Elopor you should be able to find a portal network to get you there. I have a jump to Elopor in my town Eden, and I know you can get there in the capital city of New Berlyn as well.

You could also use an augmented totem to just point at Elopor and get a location that you could warp to. It should only be 100 coin to go there. I am not sure why you are seeing stuff talking about 33 skill points. Elopor is 1 hop from Berlyn.

Thanks for the reply, @Xaldafax!

So fossils are more common in caves, eh? That’s good info to have. Should I just harvest surface fossils, or does a visible fossil mean there’s likely to be more a tile or two deeper and I should excavate?

As for the hop skill, when I acquired an Elopor warp point with an augmented totem and built a 1x2 warp, it wouldn’t let me set it to the Elopor spot, claiming it required one hop. I assumed that meant I needed the skill. Do I just need a bigger warp structure? If so, the text could be a lot clearer.

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I stick to surface level fossil for most stuff. There is usually enough in the cave systems to get you some tools. Then over time as you get higher it won’t be as much of an issue.

2 warp conduits place get you to the same planet. To go a planet 1 hop away you need 6 warp conduits placed. Like what you see in the sanctum.

Just a tid bit, bulk and mass crafting will go a LONG way with making tools. Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

Fossils seem to be plentiful in some area and notsomuch in others, still havent nailed down why there are more in certain areas, but you can indeed find them in good numbers. I’d suggesst trying a different cave system, perhaps at a different altitude/depth, or under a different biome.

I’d suggest hitting up the major portal networks. I know there are portals to Elopor there, and those are free-to-use.
Also, when setting up on Elopor I’d recommend finding a nice spot somewhere near-enough to a portal that links to a portal network as you are comfortable being, and build there. Walking through a portal is free, constant Warping will drain you dry.

And yeah, as I leveled the skill costs seemed to increase, Light 1 just recently cost me 33 skill points, and the two upgrade to it are now 42 and 54 skill points :confused: I’m pretty sure they didn’t cost that much when I was lower level, so I imagine the costs scale with level. Whether or not that is Working-As-Intended, I don’t know.

:man_shrugging:Then you can just ignore it for now. It will get easier to have a gold hammer or two for gems and hard coal. Heck, many people buy basic blocks at 1-4c each. You’re not going to get rich off that, but it can help offsetting the cost of a gold hammer you reserve strictly for hard coal and gems. And it does get easier.

Not sure I agree with ‘grind’, unless you are talking about the leveling curve post-30-35-ish.
It’s possible you started in a less-than-optimal spot. It happens.

Also, if you are having trouble with something, feel free to ask for help, so many people around here will help gladly.
I can help with fossil extracts if you need those, and provide some copper/iron tools so you don’t have to waste resources early on in crafting them. I, and others, would happily lead/warp you to the nearest portal network and show you around if you haven’t been there, and also find you an exit to Elopor.

Not super rare. I have a glut of them. My guess is bad spot.

if ya want i give you a load off fossilpowder just come find me in therka hub (moebius plaza) ort solum aquatopia :smile:
if ya found a portal with your compass you end up there in the end
its like rome(all roads lead to rome lol)
there a new village project in aquatopia where we looking for villagers
all road works ande decor there are sponsored by me so no grinding for that its fun and building stuff :smile:

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Thanks very much for the replies, @RedDemption, @Stormsoul, and @the-moebius! Very much appreciate the assistance.

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I had the same problem, and then watched some YouTube video that my brother sent me, where one described how he just walked around and saw resources on the surface and that’s where he started digging and I’ve been doing the same and I can’t complain now about Iron, Copper, Coal, Fossils and Tech (I’m on Berlyn too and not in a desert). However, I think I have been playing two weeks now, I only found 6 gold and about 10 silver. That’s it. Nothing else, I couldn’t find titanium, diamond - not to mention gems and I’ve literally dug myself through other planets that were available via portal networks (thanks to the guys who founded these!). There are entire cities being built out of gleam. I can’t seem to find any of it. The only ever gleam I found had a sign to it that said “do not mine, it will not regenerate” oh and one red gleam that looked like a sign post which was not mine-able even though it said “wild” though “owned by nature”.

So let me extend that question; where do I find

  • diamond, gold, silver, titanium
  • gleam (I’ve been trying to read through the forums but there seems no clear indication where to find it)

Also, once resources have been found, does it make sense to put a marker there in case of regeneration or are resources regenerated in random positions?

I love the game but the resource-finding part is slightly frustrating.

gleam cream is on elopor close to the capital on top off mountains
also there are wild temples to mine there

aquatopia shoppingcenter has a token shop by @Jeffrotheswell
with location markers

if you find me there ill give you some locations to find cool stuff

red gleam is superrare and claimed by a person so unfindable for moment devs gonna change this on release

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Basically, cream gleam is Elopor - in entire mountains made mostly of it, and some little ‘ancient temple’ prefabs have 1 cream gleam under them. iirc Epsilo also has mini-mountains of cream gleam underwater in the oceans, though they are hard to get without drowning :wink:

Red gleam, as @the-moebius has said, is now extremely rare.

Blue gleam is under graves in Munteem. Yellow gleam is under graves in Nasharil.

As for the metals, I have personally had the most luck with gold, silver, and titanium just above the lava layer.

Diamond is quite rare as it is technically a gem. Check the gem location guide for more on those.

As for marking resource locations, from what I understand the more an area is traversed and mined, the less chance that regen will spawn any high value resources there next time. Somone please correct me if I am wrong about that.

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