Gleam Locations and Colour Codes


Since the wiki/crafting site lists a number of planets with alleged “White” and “gold” gleam on them I decided to go round and check on all the gleam and post some screenies to give people an idea where to find the colour they want and I included the colour codes which can be viewed by pressing “.” in case people have brought a specific colour and are looking for more.

At a glance:

Munteen - Blue - Colourindex 39
Septerfon - Cream - Colourindex 36
Vulpto - Red - Colourindex: 57
Epsilo - Cream - Colourindex: 54
Nasharil - Yellow - Colourindex: 66
Elopor - Cream - Colourindex: 63
Alturnik - Blue - Colourindex: 48
Andoween - Cream - Colourindex: 45

Undiscovered probably not available on a planet but seen in builds:
White gleam colourindex 5
Green Gleam (unknown - currently in someone’s storage)

Screenies so you can get an idea where to find it on each planet.

EU Munteen - Blue - Colourindex 39

At Source:

Refined and unrefined blocks:

EU Septerfon - Cream - Colourindex 36

At Source:

Refined and unrefined blocks:

US East Vulpto - Red - Colourindex

At Source: Credits for screenshot to Darthnott

Refined blocks:

US East Epsilo - Cream - Colourindex 54

At Source:

Refined and unrefined blocks:

US West Nasharil - Yellow - Colourindex: 66

At Source:

Refined and unrefined blocks:

US West Elopor - Cream - Colourindex 63

At Source:

Refined and unrefined blocks:

Aus Alturnik - Blue - Colourindex 48

At Source:

Refined and unrefined blocks:

Aus Andoween - Cream - Colourindex 45

At Source:

Refined and unrefined blocks:

There are also a number of gleams including green and white which we believe changed colours and cannot be currently found in the wild, only in builds and storage cabinets:

Refined gleam White Colour index 5

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Vulpto - Red Gleam
Therka - Gleam?
My First Home <3
Troubling finding resources

It’s great to see all these kinds of comprehensive guides/collections appearing on the forums, I can’t wait to see how it looks at 1.0 and beyond.


Super helpful. Thanks so much! I’m about to go gleam hunting. :slight_smile:


If you find the white one let us know lol I’ve accounted for all the planets so there’s either 2 gleam colours on a planet somewhere, or it’s come from a hidden build somewhere. Every player I’ve asked said they brought theirs but couldn’t remember who from. Until then the coveted White Gleam location will remain one of the great mysteries of Boundless.

All I can say is if you want a lot of cream gleam for a build go to Elopor, the place is swimming with gleam. Septerfon there’s only a free gleam trees and Epsilo there looks like a lot but it’s impossible to get without drowning. Andoween I didn’t really look round as EbonyJones kindly gave me a location marker so I just dived through the portal and grabbed 2 blocks.


Thank you Annie


Aye excellent job getting all those!

I’d not managed to update Boundless crafting with the correct colour gleam images yet (it’s using the old planet colours)

I have something planned which will fix that (no eta yet though!)


I’ve found out there’s some gleam on the surface at Epsilo so I’ll go grab some later and add the screenie then you can feel free to drop by my place outside the Therka portal hub (actually it’s about a 6 second walk to your “S” place on Therka) and do some high res screenies for your site if you fancy, I’ve left the blocks lined up there for now.

(The real white gleam I have no idea still)


Perhaps white slyly hided on a one of home worlds?


Well you claim it can be found on Andooweem in your planets wiki post, can you provide some proof of this?


No. This information was taken by Stretchious’es boundlesscrafting.


Ah, I assumed his white gleam blocks were “blank” placeholders as the colour hadn’t been confirmed hehe


Epsilo!!! I drowned four times for a measly 7 gleam I managed to pillage off the bottom of a lake that also had active lava (???). Some help on where to find it on the surface would be so appreciated!!!


elopor is the land of gleam


In ice type zones amongst the glaciers.


Hah, oh Epsilo.

There’s a good handful of spots on Epsi where the gleam grows out of ice-mountainsides in weird cauliflower shapes. There’s one near my first home there, and if you use @Jeffrotheswell’s network to get to Epsi I can give you directions to it (tho not coordinates until morning, sry):

  1. Take jeff’s portal from Solum to Epsilo. You’ll find yourself on a colorful diving board above a lake.

  2. If you look out over the lake, on the far left hand shore there’s a hill with a floating white ice/rock formation above it. Looks like a pointing finger. Jump into the lake and swim towards that hill. Climb out on the far side.

  3. Keep going in that direction, which I think is southeast. You’ll climb out of one lake, the big one called Depressio Kroesendo, run across a little spit of land, and find another smaller lake. Across the lake is a big mountain that kinda folds in on itself to make a spooky shadowed thing.

  4. Keep going in the same direction, across the little lake. Exit on the shore with the ice and glacier formations, which is on your left hand side if you face the mountain-abyss.

  5. Climb up the side of the ice. It’s not too steep. Look up and you should see a big glowy gleamflower emerging from the mountainside – always assuming someone hasn’t beaconed it, I suppose. I haven’t been over there in a few weeks.

I used to harvest that gleam pretty regularly. There’s a good 300+ blocks and no danger of drowning. Epsi has several above ground gleamflowers, but this is the only one I know how to give directions to. :wink:


On andoweem, try a portal to okinawa or ineffible Isle. There’s a settlement between the two of them that’s right next to a floating mountain / overhead arch thing filled with cream gleam.


So gleam cannot be searched with Atlas? Oo
What is the best way to farm Gleam at Munteen?


Grave yards. It’ll be blue gleam underneath the graves with metamorphic rock headstones.


Oh they are really graves… Thanks!
How deep should I dig?


I understood - each grave has 2 fresh soil blocks. Under these blocks. Thanks again)