Trying to contact La Familia

Can you guys help me contact any admin from La Familia Network?

Pm’d to 3esteDNA yesterday but got no response although he was several times online.
Is La Familia a 1 guy guild ? Nobody else can help with a portal ?

Hi how can i help you. Where you want to have a portal? On Niia or our mining network and ty prime for your msg :wink:


Inside the mining network, I want the antara portal as it has been close for long.
I need a 2x3 vertical portal with sign name :s:how:r:oom

I’ve been able to contact 3steDNA, perhaps talk to him to see if he will do it or maybe as he is busy you can help him with this.

Thanks a lot!

it’s ok i’am 3steDNA :wink:


@django you dont know DNA! :yum:

Is Lafam mining Network Closed?

no, you can access it through ShowRoom USE

Portals On Houches and kol are Closed

I’m sure @Django will take care of it when he logs in

@Django all your Beacons are Smoking is Everthing ok

maybe he lost GC ?