Trying to motivate to get back into Boundless

Hey Dreyma/Kitty here.

@ToxicNoodle, her son and myself have been away from the game for a while which is why we died off on the forums.

Her son, some may have seen about on Boundless, TinyTRex ended up in the hospital and her husband ended up losing his job so I had opted to help them out. During the time of helping them out my Gleam Club expired. I knew it was going to expire but the reclaim system had already been implemented so I wasn’t worried. So I could focus on the real life stuff. Welp… Reclaim hated me. There were some others things going on but these were the main ones. <3

We lost everything in our main base and I got nothing of importance back. ;;
Lost TinyTRex’s farms so he was devastated. I also felt bad since so many people had donated to it.

Normally I would have just brushed it off and gone about my day, but I had a Full Chrysominter and coils I had worked my butt off for and someone had been kind enough to get me the coils for the Centraforge as well. So Just feeling generally defeated. Mainly because I got back some of the less worrisome items and lost ALL the main ones i needed or had worked my ass off.


So the motivation struggle is real.


Sorry to hear you lost everything :grimacing: if you need anything to help you get back on your feet I have loads of refined rock I’m not using if you need some building materials. Or could get you some forged tools so you have something to start mining with. I’m sure starting over can be hard but there’s plenty here that could probably donate some things to you to make restarting easier

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Thank you.
If I can motivate myself to get back up and running in game I might take you up on that offer. I still have my grapple, and looks like my 3x3 Diamond Hammer, and Axe. Currently just running around and falling into the holes of the swiss cheese planet xD. 21x21 plots gone. Was heart breaking.

Everyone was already so nice to begin with. ><

I’d you need anything and I have in storage send me a PM and I will do my best to collect what you may need… including what TimyRex make need to jump start his farms :slightly_smiling_face:


If reclaim didn’t work you should start a support thread so they can look into it. That’s a pretty serious thing.


Out of TinyTRex’s farms all we have left is 16 combustion kernels. Everything else was lost. We are currently checking ALL characters to see if some isn’t squirreled away on one.

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I was also gonna say this too. You should probably let them know your reclaim only partially worked.


Sorry to hear that happened! It sucks losing hard earned progress…but after you start building up again it will sting less I hope. Lots of people here to help

Sounds like you have an opportunity to move and join a cool City :). Oh the things you can do now!

Welcome back and sorry to hear about these issues!

Please let us know once you’ve tried all your characters as the reclaims may be hiding somewhere

CC’ing in @vdragon to investigate this

Edited to add - if possible, are you able to share some screenshots of the reclaims? You can send this via direct message if you would prefer to do so


good time to come back (whatever the circumstances are). when the new update goes live, there will be many more places to explore and many old players starting over (sort of)


Sometimes, it helps to place a new beacon down (give it a few minutes) — use the exact character that had the expired/reclaimed beacon to place the new one. Also use the same character to start the retrieval/reclaim on the new beacon.


The only 2 reclaims I got was a partial one with four compactor power coils and some pieces of my stations and one we had started on another planet but hadn’t gotten to just yet… I am having ToxicNoodle check her account right now just in case.

As for the screenshots, no I can not. ;; I picked them up back when the situation happened. Been since April so I don’t have them anymore. Was just so bummed that I just focused on wok instead.

I will try this just in case as well.

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I always come back. Even when the world reclaimed everything. This time hit hard cause I was grinding the tar out of it for my build.

Also make sure you fully remove all items from your reclaim and don’t let them sit there. That way if there was by chance anything else, or something partially on another beacon, it will show up as an available reclaim (you won’t see it though if you still have reclaim items sitting in your beacon)

The two reclaims we got I collected everything from. It still only had partial bits in it but I reclaimed it all.

I had one reclaim that went sideways on me. I wasn’t able to retrieve all of my items until I emptied the reclaim items that did show up, placed a new beacon, waited 24 hours, then the items showed up on the new beacon. I’ve done many reclaims and that was the only one that I had issues with :woman_shrugging:


I can get you one fully coiled forge whenever you need it! and if there is more I can help you guys with let me know. I’ve been hoarding stuff for more than a year and I have enough things to share lol.


@Leahlemoncakes, @james

Perhaps someone should look into this why the reclaim didn’t reclaim everything correctly?

Makes me a bit worried about doing a reclaim once rental planets hit! :slight_smile: