TTC, TMMK and alts take a break (permanently)


First of all boundless is an amazing game and i love boundless.

So, now the serious part…
This might not be known to most (if any) but i have been a “gamer” for the past 15 years. Mostly because my boyfriend spent most of his time gaming and that way we had something we could do together.
Sadly our relationship has ended in the beginning of February.
(Im not going to air dirty laundry here :wink:)

Don’t get me wrong i loved playing all the games i did play (especially boundless).
But the fact is im changing irl and I don’t know if I want to spend time gaming or even make it a priority.
Boundless has the fuel timers at it’s very least if you don’t want to lose build progress so you keep it in the back of your mind (i must fuel)…

So i have reached a conclusion…
As my GC still has 7-8 weeks left.
So im officially saying that im taking a break… that said im not sure if ill be coming back… so The Terra Collective might disappear completely from the boundless universe and my characters (im not deleting those btw :wink: as they are mine :crazy_face: and i might at some point want to play again).

Im also probably not lurking on the forum for the time being (might check here and there but no promises).

So for the time being…. See you guys… and stay BOUNLESS… :wink:


Brooooo! :heart: :pensive: :sleepy: nooo…
If you want u just align the beacon to the build guild and I can fuel it until the game closes! I have done for a guy for 2 years, until he returned, and currently doing so for many others, id love to fuel yours and add it to the list. I’m sorry about your breakup it’s always sad to hear :disappointed::sweat: and you ain’t going to delete your characters!! I had a friend already who did that. But I wish you all the best bro and much love from may, Benjamin and i


Hey GL finding what you need man.


Take it easy, wish you the best of luck and hopefully one day you return to boundless again.
Look after yourself.


what can i say, except - take all the time you need and want to the day you’ll feel the urge of jumping into Boundless again, we will be waiting for that day with warm welcome :smiley:
i wish you all the best in real life, dont forget us, till the day we’ll meet again :smiley:


IRL life changes are always going to take a toll on gaming - especially when it’s associated to a person no longer in your life. Thank you for the amazing builds, and general being a good person you have been all the time I’ve known you, and good luck and much love as you find out who you are now. :heart_decoration:

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