Tula: Mega Thread

My newly opened hub is seeking planet portals. I will be making region mini hubs for anyone looking to save on oort. Please be patience as those are still in progress. T6 network will be available and many farms within Tula itself. This will be a friendly hub and all will be welcome. Please contact me or check it out yourself many portals have been open and should be easy to locate.



Looks nice


Thank you. There is also shop portals available. Any suggestions welcome!

Looks good, are you creating portals to all homeworlds?

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I can definitely do that. I will put them next to the Farm portals I have on the 2nd floor.

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Sovs I will put there. Home worlds are on the first floor which will have one owner. I will how ever have the Mini hubs “Biitula, Lmablis, Grov Te” which will be provided by Tula for easy and affordable connections to the hub and hopefully busy themselves.

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Another beautiful hub you created :purple_heart: when or if i get rich ill get a portal but unfortnetly my builds need watering.I love visiting your hubs always very inspiring to my cosmic eyes.

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Tula Farms are not accessible sorry for the wait.

Goodness they are accessible! Can we please edit again soon lol.


I thought few minute window for updating posts was bad. I would take it now lol.

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Yes I miss that too.

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Come join us on Tula. 10 planet portal are open. Multiple legendary shops. T6 network nearly finished. Hook up your farms, shops, and personal portals!!!