Tutorial: Craft Beacon Control makes you gather the wrong materials first

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Objective: “A Base for the Long Haul”

At some point of this objective you are asked to craft a beacon control and beacon fuel.
The step before makes you gather some rocks and foliage.
So far, so good.

But in all previous objectives, the materials that you where ask to gather were exactly those that you needed in the next step.Thats not the case here, you are asked to gather 10 Rocks and 10 Foliage.
But to craft a beacon control and beacon fuel you actually need: 4 Rocks, 4 Timber, and 12 Foliage.

For all the characters I’ve made in the past and for the one I’ve created today, that always disrupts my quest flow. It creates the awkward situation where i go out to gather 10 Rocks and 10 Foliage and then return to the crafting table to craft a beacon control and beacon fuel only to find out that i’m missing 4 timber and 2 foliage.

Is there a reasoning behind this that i don’t get? :smile:
Or is it just oversight caused by the many iterations on the tutorial?
If it’s the latter consider this a bug report. :smiley:

As a side note, I really like the new tutorial flow where the shop is not slapped in your face right away. I think that was a wise change.

Maybe its to teach you early to grind stuff in excess so you’ll have some for later if you need it. Idk could be an oversight

My point here is not the excess 6 stones, but the fact that you are send out to get materials to craft something, then send back to the crafting table only to find out that you need to gather more and different materials.

So pls devs, either remove this stage of the tutorial or let me gather the right mats. :joy:

Also: the core objective “New World Order” makes you craft 4 Vital Essence even though the Warp Augment that you are tasked to craft next only requires 3.