Tutorials on Mesh Limits?

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I feel like this is totally random, but does anyone know of any good YouTube or Google Doc tutorials on mesh limits, what they are and how to avoid them or understand the radius limits? I’m looking to get started on a large build where I’ll need to be concerned and take these limits into consideration, so anything helpful would be awesome!

Here’s a couple of quotes from a dev

Also if I remember correctly @AeneaGames knows an easy way to figure out when you’re at two different chunks

Oh also note 16mx16m is 2 plots x 2 plots


This is perfect, thank you.

By full height, is that the infinite height in the world, or just the full height of a single plot (8 blocks/8m)?

Full height of the world

Indeed I do. Check the coordinates in the Places/Locations screen. Since the coords are in blocks, and 0,0 is thus of course a chunk border any x/y value that is exactly dividable by 16 is then a chunk border…


That makes perfect sense. Thanks!

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I probably should have thought of this before starting my castle lol.


LOL! That’s why I’m asking. I’d absolutely hate to get to the point where I’m placing all my shop stands only to find out that I didn’t ask about this

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you probably be fine with the space you have