🐲 Twisted Dragon Hunt & Raffle - 11/06 1:30AM EST

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Was a great hunt! Glad everyone enjoyed it!

22 Meteors and everyone walked away with around 300+ or in 3 to 3.5 hours! Quite a number of 3 and 4 meteorites dropping at once. As well as a good number of level 4 meteors!

Raffle was awsome!
@makesitlookez won a hammer, bow and the 10k raffle
@autocatalyst won 2 hammers
@Primetime18 won a bow
@SClayton won a bow

:partying_face: CONGRATS GUYS! See you guys at Tuesdays hunt, same time! We hope to have more attendees!


ok Thx , if misunderstood the time but next week should be possible for me to join


was a great hunt last night. Look forward to next weeks!


Thanks @makesitlookez ! We will see you there! Glad you had fun!