🐲 Twisted Dragon Hunt & Raffle - 11/06 1:30AM EST

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We will be gathering around 1AM on Thursday the 6th of November at 2020-11-06T06:00:00Z and head out on the hunt at 2020-11-06T06:30:00Z UNTIL, as long as folks want to continue to hunt we will keep going.

We will be hunting in Dracones Mundi

For everyone still at the hunt at it’s completion we have the following raffles!
3 Bows from @Primetime18 from Fantasy Tree!
3 Hammers from our guild mate @11Elvis11
10k Coin

We will hunt with BOWS ONLY, we have a couple people who are experienced bomb users that will clear trees and such when needed however these folks have been designated ahead of time. We also have members that are healers but welcome all the healers we can get!

Meet at the Twisted Dragon Planet Portal Hub on Dracones Mundi . Go to the TNT Mega Hub and Enter the Sovereign Planets sections and we are to the right :dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face: is on the portal sign.


About Our Hunts
Our goal with the late night hunts, is to provide a laid back but fast paced hunt with an adult atmosphere that is a marathon until the majority rules the hunt over. During the hunt we will take breaks here and there to let people get a drink, go to the rest room etc. We encourage everyone to talk and converse with one another as well as join our Discord channel linked above!

The late night hunts have been slow to get people involved, however we have received lots of requests to keep them going so people can plan for the future ones and join! So that is exactly what we are doing, we will keeping the 130AM EST Hunts going for the foreseeable future! They will be weekly and be either on Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning, Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning or Thursday Night/Friday Morning.
We will also be coordinating with other hunt hosts in the community so that we can coordinate with them to have a weekly day time hunt as well that does not interfere with already running daily and weekly daytime hunts.

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Where are you going for the hunt ( Planet ).
Is IT everytime the Same or does IT Switch?
What is needed ( bows ) ?
Classic running or Plattform ?

IT would be a good oportuninty for me to Take Part every second week because of Work .

Greetings Turrican2006

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@Turrican2006 Depending on attendance we would hunt on Draconis Mundi our guild sovereign or our T6 Dracones Gemmis OF there are enough hunters.

Dracones Mundi is platform based and our T6 is classic run.

As the post says Bows only.

We have received a few messages about being late to the hunt. If you cannot make it to the hunt by the start just come to Draconis Mundi and shout! Someone will portal to you and bring you to the group! NO HUNTER LEFT BEHIND!

Our guild mate @11Elvis11 just donated hammers for the raffle too! Thank you bro!

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I’m so stoked about the new hunting platforms - should significantly increase efficiency. And as a night owl, I seriously appreciate having hunts available so late!

@Turrican2006, if you were curious, Draconis Mundi is a T4 caustic world.


It is a bit late. But I will try to stay up for the hunt.


@molav we would be glad to have ya!

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1:00AM EST = 7:00AM MEZ/UTC+1

Friday, November 6, 2020 6:00 AM TZ


How did you get the time difference to show, that would be much better to use in the future


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I totally missed that button, I see it now :crazy_face:thanks if it was a snake it would have bit me

much easier than for all to see the time in the own timezone :smile:

7:00am is a real bad time for me, to late for me to be still awake and to early for stand up and the most important its a Friday, so i need to work :weary: at the weekend i had maybe time for the hunt but under the week i need to work

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Totally understand. We will have some on weekends here and there so keep an eye out :wink:. we have some Ausie friends that like our hunts too and weekends work for them better as well.

Core hunt till 12:30, Then Twisted Dragon hunt till we die. Sounds fun to me. Count me in!


Well thanks to @Primetime18 we have the platforms plotted and our guild mate @11Elvis11 is working fast to finish platforms for the hunt.
They will eventually have dragon heads for the exit.

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Just a reminder too 7 separate raffles tonight!

Hunt starting in 40 minutes! If your on come and join us!

We are hanging around in the hub waiting on everyone! If you get lost PM us on here or on discord. Myself or @11Elvis11 we are going to give everyone till around quarter till to head out since folks are running behind!

Still hunting in a 10 min break if anyone wants to join still! Hanging our hub waiting on everyone to get snacks and empty.

Everyone has around 200 oort already!

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