Twisted Dragon Hunt Wednesday

:dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face: Starting our wednesday weekly hunts this week. Core has been nice enough to share wednesdays with us!

Time: 2020-12-17T02:30:00Z2020-12-17T05:00:00Z
Planet: Draconis Mundi
Best Weapon: Diamond
Protection Required: 1 Caustic
Platform hunt
Last until everyone is ready to stop!
Discord voice chat available! join us to listen to the beats!
stick around until the end for your chance at our nightly games and giveaways, plus your chance at the 10K Jack Pot Raffle!
Meet up in the Twisted Dragon Hunt lodge / Portal Hub, go through our portals at TNT Mega Hub in the sovereigns portal section on the side, Fantasy Tree right next to the TNT Mega Hub portal, Gyosha Mall in their sovereign world portals section and DK Mall.

Join us on discord!

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Less than 1h for start! We hope you make it.

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