🐲 Twisted Dragon Supplies - Uncommon Ice, Sponge and Plain Glass

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:dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face: Supplies has new inventory at Gyosha Mall. All Uncommon Ice, Sponge and Plain glass. I collected these durring GB and are colors I don’t want or there are not enough for me to do anything with.

These are rare colors so the price is high but am open to negotians and hand trade discounts if we can meet up while in game.

You can get to the shop via the main Gypsha Mall portal hub near @majorvex shop, through the :dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face: Supplies portal from TNT or go to the Twisted Dragon Hub portal at TNT and use our Gyosha Mall portal to get directly to our shop from there.

I have a lot more to sell as the shop empties out of each color includding Uncommon Growth, Thorns, Mud, Rock, Ash and Wood.

If you have trouble finding the shop PM me and I will help you find it!


Not sure about the rarity of ice as it can still be gathered without too much difficulty but good luck with the rest

I would agree but without gleam pops these color’s cannot be got unless they were to show up on an exo so they are still rare in that sense. Thank you for the encouragement!