Twitch contest

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Competition to see who can stream the most hours of boundless from August 1st to 31st

Secondary contest for who can watch the most hours of boundless (same time frame)

Not sure what prizes will be yet

Stats can be checked on a per game basis on


Most likely reserved for twitch’s own metrics and algorithm. Possibly available to the streamers own metrics. Only way a public user can do it is by adding up time for each stream I’m guessing.

Why just not call this whos the most entertaining boundless streamer?

Dont get me wrong good competition but there so much where some people have more handicap than others.

Some use webcam and such.

First contest is to get people to stream

We’ll ratchet it up from there

Also twitchtracker doesn’t track how entertaining ppl are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Added “event,contest” tags to your post :grin:

Also does this mean you have to have 5 viewers at same time for time to count?

A stream should have at least 5 concurrent viewers to be tracked correctly.

Oh poop

Is there another tracker that collects all streams?


Looked didn’t see one…though I didn’t find the one you found either :rofl:.

Longest twitch stream!

Who is RSOnlineDE (twitch name)?

Most of mine tend to be 10+ hours, to long to reupload to multiple platforms. But its alot of running around and visitng the universe and chillin


how about youtube? chieftvgamer streams boundless 10hrs a day+

Classic ‘pretty girls’ situation :smirk:

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the idea is good, it would be more judicious if we all join the same stream, because if there are 5 streamers and each have 3 or 4 viewers it will be useless. An idea, create in collaboration with a Boundless streamer , a discord channel where we can chat live on vocal with him during his stream it can be fun, Twitch or YouTube @Jiivita seems to be comfortable in doing videos @Ovis , @Spitcup too idk it’s just an idea

A contest to see who gets most viewers is toxic af lol

Perhaps getting some people who are comfortable on voice to get together and play some Boundless to show off the community aspect of the game? A bunch of gamers just having fun :wink:


Yeah I guess it could be.

How about just most hours streamed?

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Imo the best version of this contest is “how many players can each streamer convince to try out the game.” Not sure how to track that.

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I mean it’s kind of related to viewers
Also related to hours

ya…i dont try to entertain, my stream is me and 5-15 friends talking and chillin in discord all night.
talkin about games, life, politics, guns, anything. and its set to adult so its not the same as someone trying to show what they are doing and the game itself.

l do videos with no voice to show off builds and the game, but those arnt streams

i spend most of my time visiting the universe and saying hello to everyone everyday

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Wait u put the discord in ur streams?

ya, everyone can hear everything in the streams…lmao not always a good thing, its boundless uncensored. why flagged as adult channel

the youtube build videos have no voice