Twitch Stream Test Live Now

Ok so right now I am streaming a build on twitch as a test stream. You can find me at . Take a quick look if you have a second, and give me some feedback. I cannot use my mic atm so there is no commentary, but I will communicate through the chat box.

I do understand that only few people will be online now, but it is only a test.

The outcome of this test may lead to more streaming.

Thanks guys


Looked into it, but building isn’t very interesting for me^^ especially without a voice.

Ok thanks for looking. I hope to get a good mic soon so maybe join me in future streams?

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Yea why not^^ But at the moment I have rarely any time to play.

ok. well i prob wont be streaming much in the near future, but over the next couple of months i may do. I will try to organize a community build that i could also stream

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I’d love to join in^^

awesome. I will hold off on the streaming till i can use a mic then we will talk.

So i had 1 viewer :slight_smile: success

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That’s more than nothing^^
But I have to warn you, english is not my first language^^

Noted. I know that a lot of Oort players do not have English as their first language :smile:

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