Twitch/youtube streaming

to support boundless, i will be streaming too!
currently without a microphone but that will be sorted :wink:
i also stream with copyright free music (soon to add the boundless songs)

i will be streaming to twitch and YouTube and some other platforms simultaneously!

currently streaming on twitch -->

doing some mining


Love the music bro :sunglasses: I need more playlists whilst playing like this.


the music was copyright free, yet it got muted on some parts haha now i have a subscription license for playing certain music on twitch it does its job before i get a mic :slight_smile:

currently streaming

edited your title for you mate! (not sure how i had the ability to do that, but hey!)

“streeaming” --> “streaming”

He’s online! And working on a requested farm :slight_smile:
Hope we can sort more streaming time, time goes fast when You’re busy with a Baby ^^
Perhaps I will also stream in the future!