Two new diluted portal blocks please!

Hey, so some people like giant portals. (Why I like Ultima :D)

Anyway, can we get a portal block that counts as half a portal-distance-block for fuel and distance cost but still shows the same size portal appearance when opened?

And then a 1/4 diluted portal block.

This can be done in a week - it’s a simple functionality change rather than needing new textures or whatever.

Always thought it would be better to do oort cost=distance travelled then we could have any size portal and not worry about keeping it open. I know size increases cost and you need a certain a size for certain a distances, just seems unnecessarily complex to have to figure the size etc and I’m sure the hubs would be able to streamline operations/costs that way


Yup wish I could open up a portal to McRib from Sorissi even if it’s costs me 900 every 4 days or even 3d 12hrs

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