Two PS4 Bugs

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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this issue or if I’m doing something wrong.

Bug 1:
When I press triangle to open my inventory, the item that was last highlight has its details panel opened, which I then have to close to be able to navigate my inventory.

Bug 2:
After placing warp conduits and pressing square to open the location selection window. I navigate to beacons and select the one I want, the details then roll down, but instantly close again and I have to select the beacon a second time. On the second selection the details roll down successfully and I can pay for the warp.

Are these known bugs? Am I doing something stupid?


I definitely get bug 2 as well and I’m on PC, not sure if it’s been reported, keep forgetting to myself and now just used to it. … haven’t noticed bug 1 though.

Pretty sure I get bug 1 on pc too :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ok so not just me.

Is there a place to report bugs?

I think you pretty much have … There used to be a single thread for bug reports for each update/patch but recently the Devs asked everyone to just create a new thread which you have done.

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same here its very stupid when i open inventory grab one item i must use circle and then use inventory in many times circle close inventory and i must again open it

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Bug 1 every single time one PS4!! Single most frustrating thing in the game right now, aside from Atlas bug…


bug 1 - happens all the time to me on PS4

If I can mention a bug 3 on PS4 which is quite irritating as a store owner

There’s no return key in the online keyboard , this affects signs as you cannot do multiple lines of text.

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Bug one has been going on since the auto aim update… I didnt have that problem till then…
Yeah when you leave the cursor on an item slot then exit your inventory. And reopen inventory the cursor pulls up the tool-tip, the split stack, or the Auto stack opened menu… and must then press circle to close the said menu pop up… just to scroll through your inventory…
Extremely Annoying…