Two skill tree's?

hey all quick question watched a jiivita video and noticed two skill tree 's is that still a thing or have they removed it?

you can have up to 3 skill tress, but keep in mind you dont get more skill points to use for the other skill tress when you buy it, you will have to earn them by leveling up.

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You can unlock up to three skill builds using Cubits. Your skill points are shared among all three builds, though.

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ok that seems a bit pointless then haha thank you for your help

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when you are lvl 75 you have points enough to fill out the 2nd tree


You can only use 100 skill points per build and you earn 300 by level 100. They become useful after level 50.


ah isee that makes more sense now level hundred wow i remember lvl 50 being a bit of a grind (without exploits) in EA ty for help.

Every level after 50 gives you 300 Cubits, and four skill points. You stay at level 50, however, and repeat 200k experience per level. Thankfully, 200k per level is the cap.

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