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I hope I won’t sound patronizing, I mean well, but I’ve seen some posts that have been suffering from massive one-paragraph walls of text, and some that fail to make the point they want to make because they don’t spend enough time with what they are typing. So I’m gonna assert myself and give a few basic advice on how to write.

Paragraphs - This is important to let the reader get a pause and it also lets the reader easily go back and read a certain point you were trying to make. While it isn’t always easy to split up your text in meaningful paragraphs, and sometimes it isn’t even appropriate, at least try. It will be easier for the reader to understand your point(s).

Punctuation - It makes it so much easier to read. It controls the pace and eliminates some ambiguities. Don’t underestimate a well-placed comma.

Calm down - If you are writing, especially when you are angry, you might feel that you need to bang a post out as soon as possible to show that other guy what’s what, or maybe you are angry about something in the game and feel like you have to take it out on the devs. Just take your time and to make your point. Even though there is a person attached to an opinion, counter that opinion, not the person.

Review - Read your post. Split into paragraphs, punctuate and reformulate until it feels good to read.

(Hard mode) Trimming the fat - If you find some sentences that are bloated, trim them. If something feels like it isn’t actually contributing to your post, remove it. This isn’t essential, but it helps.

Just remember, there are a lot of people that will read your post, but only one will write it. So write it for those who will read.


I feel like asking the internet to use proper grammar and punctuation is probably not going to result in any changes to people’s typing habits.

I do however agree with you, it would be nice to see some easier to read posts but at this point I’m so used to reading threads that I hardly notice anymore.



No just kidding.

I agree too! but, like for me, who is french, i try to communicate the best i can but i know some of my sentences feels awkwards to your eyes :joy:

I do not feel targeted or patronized here, i’m just saying that if you see an strange sentence or an grammaticaly incorrect words, don’t ask… it’s me :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :joy::joy:!

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I wonder how many people use their phones to do all the typing for the forums? I stop worrying about grammer and whatnot when I am on my phone due to how slow it is to type.


Me not good at English.
Use telegraph style to avoid complex grammar.

Sorry for all future mistakes

-end of communication-

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And auto correct!!.. iPhone is a grammar nightmare! It changes phem to phenomenal no matter how many times I type it!

Phem is phenominal. Guess I can give apple that.

I’ll go with that! But that’s the only Koodoo I give Apple

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I guess I should add:

…to the best of your abilities. My point was about structuring your posts and to attempt to get to the point in an effective manner. I did specifically not mention grammar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you’re don’t grammar good, it not matter. (but it helps :kissing_heart:)

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i;ll spek h0w | wonT & u c4nt stob m3!

Hilarious image fail. Dont mind me

I agree with most of this. However, you can still choose to read a post or skip to the next.

Universal (grammar) law is for lackeys. Context is for kings.

I always skip it. Specifically the posts that don’t bother to break paragraphs up.

I’d you’re in a hurry, this is the main one to remember. Walls of text are challenging for readers

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people mostly write in those compacted text passages about their personal experience and feelings, without deriving anything important…u wont have missed much, skipping those

I have this image that they’re really frustrated with some aspect of the game and just have to quickly start typing out their thoughts as a way to vent.

Eye will type howeva I wan to.

Did all of you actually read that wall of text?

This. I won’t read a wall of text.

And for English as a second language folks, don’t sweat it. It’s usually really apparent when the bad structure is due to it being a second language. You can tell by the way you structure your sentences. It’s all good.