Types of quests, skill points and coins

Was watching GameEdged play 7 days to die and he was going through the quests that are given and it make me think of some that we could do for all level of players.

These are what we do normally, so it wouldn’t be something that a player would be forced to do, such as make a portal that some go who cares. Players need meat, bone and other items from critters, we need sap and bone to make glue. Some we may have, but the amount of what they get can increase and the type of critters and other can increase for each level; and most important, the coins for completing them.

So, a level 1-5 player could get a quest to kill so many goats or spitters, could be as low as five to get some coins. Then get one to make 20 glue and get skill points (which they may already get, can’t remember) and 50 coins. they will need to learn how to do it anyhow. Level 6-10 could need to make 20 glue, rocks and make something else that uses glue, such as storage bins.

Level 10-15 could be require to kill so many stout goats. Same process, but more of the items or even other items. What is in the quest can be a variety of different things. Using 7 days as a example, in Hunter class it is kill so many animals with a wooden bow, then with a higher level, then with a crossbow. It could be kill so many zombies and one would be with a club, so many zombies, next would be more with a knife, next would be more or same with a machete; you get the idea.

Crafting would be make wood frames, then upgrade the frame, then make and place them to make a building with 100 wood frames (can’t remember the exact). This is going that you need to make a base, so first one would be gathering wood, then make the frames, then make them into a building, generally the amount you would need for a building, or even to repair a house or stone building that you have found that needs destroyed areas filled in. Upgrading makes them stronger so better protections.

It is killing so many zombies, so many nurses, so many cops, so many of this one type, again, you get the idea. Each one gives skill points, not sure about coins, but in BL coins are desperately needed, so that will help new, mid and even higher level players to get some coins, as they need to get items, everyone needs food, cloth, and mats for whatever they are doing, making wax from yams, cooking meaty casseroles, making copper, then iron then silver, then gold tools.

Could be forging, quests to do what we would do anyhow, giving us coins for completing these quests. Many, many games have such quests for players to help with skill points, to provide coins, give new tools or weapons or ability to make higher more complex items.

Others may have suggested this, but I do really think it needs to be considered to help out in the coins area, players who do not have shops need ways to make coins. Rewarding them for doing what they would do anyhow, giving them more challenging tasks, even if they will never do them helps them to advance and gain skills they may later go, hey, maybe I want to try that now that I am a higher level.

Please, please consider this, make the game more fun with more things to do, rewards for doing what we have to do so we feel we have gained something even if we know we have to do it anyhow. Those who don’t like to hunt would be more willing to hunt, those who aren’t into building would be more willing to do some building, not a lot, but more and may find they even like it.

Feats, well, I ignore them, most are not ones that I would normally do and find frustrating that they are daily or weekly and may not be able to do them, stop with the time limits, it just frustrates players, those who have jobs and commitments can’t complete them, I may be have started to do one that I really don’t care about it then be in too much pain to finish it and feel it wasted my time so waste time on others.

Yes, I know it is long, but really want the devs to see what can be helpful to keep players involved, feel it is worth it and most important all GET COINS.

Hi Janna, hope you’re doing OK today. I took the time to read through your post and I’d like to point out a couple of things about the journal system. I ignored feats for a long time, just collecting random rewards from them. I got a little more focused on crafting specifically because I process a lot of materials and they serve as counters for a while.

On further exploration, I’ve found that many of your points are actually addressed here, it’s just that many players don’t find incentive to explore the system, and aren’t clear on how it works.

There are currently 394 feats on the journal. Four of these are time based, there is a daily coin bonus for logging in for a while, and a daily coin bonus for doing ANY activity until you earn 10000 experience. Then there is a weekly version if you complete the daily targets for several days.

These four items, especially the weekly ones, do require some activity but it is approximately 1% of the feats in the game that have these time requirements.

The rest of them are counters, much like what you describe in your post as missions for “kill x goats” or “Place x Blocks”. These include activities in many areas of the game and none of them are limited to a given time frame or session. The feats are simple and each focuses on a specific action avoiding any complex requirements to achieve the rewards.


I still haven’t ever been really focused on the Objectives side of this - but they do occasionally drop me some random coin and EXP bonus as well. Conversations about this aspect of the game are limited so if someone in’t really digging for stuff to do, some of this might slip under the radar.

The objectives are basically quests, or perhaps more like missions - the main difference from many other games being that you don’t have to travel to an NPC each time to unlock them or submit results. I’m not aware 0f any any objective that includes a time limit.

Most of these are from 2 to 12 steps and many of them are tasks you would complete during your normal gameplay, so they do in fact provide a coin and experience bonus for performing regular tasks.

I personally feel that this is exactly what they’ve done here.

I have posted several times that I don’t feel this system is well enough exposed. There is an objective or two encouraging players to explore the system but they come early in the game and so it’s at a time when most new players are eager to get out and explore.

It seems like after that the majority of the players that make their way back to this system are only those who are specifically interested in objective oriented, linear guidance in the game. It doesn’t help that many of the objectives are hidden until you have performed some unlocking activity, or completed a related objective of some sort.

For these reasons I can’t tell how many objectives are actually in the game. My hunter, for instance, has 56 completed and only 32 available. My crafter has 72 completed and still has 37 available.

Nightstar, my main, has completed 101 objectives and currently has 25 unlocked/available so I know there are at least 150 or so of these missions in game because some of the ones my other characters have unlocked still aren’t available for Nightstar.

Both areas (feats and objectives) are broken down by profession and address the following aspects of gameplay:

  • Core Character development (adding skills, gaining exp, etc…)
  • Building
  • Combat
  • Crafting
  • Exploring
  • Farming
  • Gathering
  • Mining
  • Trading

There are objectives for some of the items you mention as well, including acquiring/placing storage, crafting items with the basic machines, creating and upgrading a building, etc…

I’m not sure how to make these more obvious in game without a more persistent presentation and I don’t want popups and messages plaguing me endlessly on screen so there are some presentational issues finding a way to get players involved in this aspect of the game if they’re not actively looking for it.

I’m not really sure how to address that aspect of it, creating a better compromise between the players that are actively looking for this, and the ones that don’t want to feel pushed in specific directions by the system - and so miss much of what it has to offer.

Perhaps you have some suggestions for that?

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Wow. See this is the kind of thing I have been talking about.

The devs need to spend a good strong patch cycle not doing content but reshaping the new player experience. There is just so much that is buried and never discovered. This. The chrysominter. And anything and everything we consider mundane in between.

A lot of us have tripped and fallen upwards in this game and managed to find success and enjoy it but for many players a lot of it are just discouraged because so much is hidden until you actually really dig through each various avenue of enjoyment in the game.

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