UI revamp suggestion - with pictures!


PC and Console friendly chat UI!

New Player Experience

1 guild tab, easy to navigate


End Game Player Experience

5 guilds, actively playing, notifications, many tabs

On demand tooltips


Bottom tooltip only with useful stuff


Because this is just terrible

I usually love to chat with people, help new players but this bad design just makes it imposiblle to be up to date…

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I think that’s a quite a cool quality of life suggestion, nice on Karo :fist:


I think I prefer the buttons being horizontal and not vertical, but otherwise, This is a upgrade compaired to what we have now.


Nice idea! @Karokendo


Any type of mmo demands a robust and flexible chat system.
this game is in dire need of improvement in this area.


I would give you an Oortian Salute for this, but you’ll have to wait about five minutes until I can navigate to that emote until an UI is implemented…


Ok, I LOLed, but you can just type: /salute much faster!

IIRC you’re on PS4 too right? Just attach a keyboard, I did (bluetooth), works wonderfully!


I’m actually on PC, but my fingers aren’t deft enough to navigate four menus quick enough to salute. And based on most people I come across, they can’t either haha.

I can only imagine it being even worse with the PS4!


Whatever you’re doing in the game, do this:

  • press /
  • type salute and hit Enter

The / opens the chat window if it wasn’t already :wink:

Also pressing Enter opens the chat window if it wasn’t, closes it if it is open…