Ultima And "The Devs"


Well, I have missed them, LOL I am usually rushing to get from one place to another, watching where I run so I don’t run over someone. yeah, I know, just can’t adjust to the fact that I can walk through someone. I’m dodging others and watching my step.
Run to the steps to get to New Leyden Market to see what I need to restock, to G. Mall to see what I need to restock and then swim across the water to one of the hills to do some mining, find a nice amount of coal and iron and can kill some road runners and others to get meat and other items. Use the sanctum to get home.
Seems I need to slow down and look around more.


The devs are not affiliated with Ultima at all.

It is very well known that we at the illuminoorti guild primarily have always been blamed as having an inside track to the developers… @Havok40k is like player 11 so he is almost a dev anyway.

I would assume the Ultima comes from at least one developer I know that is part of the ULT guild. James putting his Post Message box there was smart because that area is basically the center of the game currently.

I do feel overall the devs know how bad things would get if they actually favored any player or group. In fact I’ve seen them do things to make sure that doesn’t happen…


The only insider knowledge I have is from years and years and lurking in these forums, building personal friendships with people “in the know” and occasionally peeking through the office windows at guildford. Any accusations that I have otherwise greater knowledge, influence, or any direct hand in the game are exaggerated. We at the Illuminoorti don’t have any planted agents at Wonderstruck, especially not the intern who picks up the coffee!

Jokes aside, the devs are well aware of the bad optics of appearing to favor any particular group or entity, but they still enjoy playing the game as we would. If they did not interact with any of the larger organizations, they would not have the same experience as any other player and could not use that experience to improve the game as effectively. It’s brilliant to have a mailbox at the center of the largest player traffic area in the game, and it’s only natural that they would participate in group activities with large guilds.


Actually I think we did forget that @james actually founded the illuminoorti and not Havok…


Well known? Never heard of anything like that. And I’m on these forums more than what’s good for me :joy:


I haven’t seen or thought a dev was doing anything wrong. I’m super pleased the devs haven’t walled themselves off from the community as so many do, and that I could come ask a question like this and get an answer in literally minutes was unexpected, considering the time.

As a newer player I just know they have some friends from the years of close work with the community developing and think it’s great.

If they stated that personal accounts and such were stripped of admin capabilities I wouldn’t really complain about them guilding, but sure do understand the potential for drama.

On this particular issue I did want some clarification for myself and my friend. Just as James doesn’t want to be seen as favoring any group, I don’t think that the Ultima guys want to be seen as responsible for the condition of the servers.

Thanks again for the quick clarification.


I would like to see the devs build a town for players to come to and see new features that they are working on.


Ahh … you must be on the wrong forums. :slight_smile: Most of my comment was in jest and a very delayed response to comments over the years by people of some influence of other players. But it is very easy for many things to get lost in these forums and people not understand references made.


Possible since I joined The forums close to launch of the game and not the beta/alpha etc. wish I would have been around at that time



Even some occasional dev sponsored hunts or events. One of the great parts of this game is the direct involvement of the devs in the forums and the game. I bet the in game player population would take a huge jump for something like that.


all the dev’s are aquatopians if ya wonna be in dev guild join us :angel:
if they dont reply they agree :grinning:


Im the opposite. Im a player. Make me a dev.