Ultima And "The Devs"


Hi I had the impression that the Ultima guild was a player run organization, the same as Portal Seekers or the guilds I’m in.

I’ve had two people now tell me that this is a dev affiliated/supported organization.

The first time it was someone who price matched their shop to the Ultima Exchange on the reasoning that “those are the prices the devs have set”.

The second time it was because I heard someone say “I’m going to give ultima a piece of my mind when i can actually get to finata” during yesterday’s connectivity issues.

This caused me to mention the first conversation and the person I was talking to said “yes, they are dev affiliated that’s why you can contact james directly there.”

I went to look at the gleambow prices there and saw the contact boxes today, looks like a great idea for some real, on the spot, in game feedback.

But I want to know, really without asking a lot of confused people or in game rumors, if there is any actual association or affiliation between the Ultima guild, and the producers/developers of the game.



far as I know the guild is player run and James put the mailbox there for exactly what you said. Player feedback. The Ultima hub gets a lot of traffic and a lot of planet portals are right there too. I was actually there when he was placing the mailbox too lol

As for the finata exchange that is run by Larky. The ores there are from her and myself. Plus what ever people sell to the baskets. But she spent a lot of time hunting thru shops to get an average on what the prices were at the time for all those items you see there. She is a leader in Ultima.


Ultima is player run - nothing to do with the devs.

I’m not a member of a guild for explicitly this reason - because I don’t want anyone to complain that I favour any group. (Which is a little disappointing because I would like to be a member of a guild - just for fun!)

I put some Letterboxes down so that players could have another channel for messaging me. Not everyone is on the forum, not everyone is on discord, etc. The more open channels the more likely players will talk with us.

I did worry that I would be making somewhere special - but concluded that this wasn’t a big concern. I would be happy to setup another location.

But maybe with the introduction of the global channels there is a better solution all together.


This can be counteracted a bit by also doing the same for the other portal hubs as well, that way it looks less suspicious/special if other places had it as well.

This would be the most neutral path to take, is to have a dev channel that is designed for getting in contact with the devs. However the problem here, is you might need to make the Channel such that , other players can not read the messages that other players post, and only the devs can, because i am sure there are things players will want to talk to you about that they don’t want everyone to know about.

Maybe somewhere in the help menu you can also add a button that the player can click on to open a private message to you.


You should but some letter boxes in the main Hubbit and A few of the Portal Seekers too if they will give up a plot.


Sounds like James needs to PM everyone in the game.


Thank you James.

I think there was already some confusion before the mailboxes and I think it’s a great idea. You could post some coordinates and put up boxes, and it’s fairly certain that those would become popular spots as well.

Considering the economics and other things I just thought it would be better to ask than find out later that I was the confused one all along :wink:

The clear answer is appreciated.


Why not create a developers guild? Have days where you all take a few hours break and play the game together. You guys spend all your time working on it. Why not take some time to enjoy it?


I’m pretty sure he means a player guild that doesn’t only contain just his co-workers.


I guess you’re right but something is better than nothing, right? Then again, would it be a bit like a bus man’s holiday? Probably wouldn’t be the same. I dunno lol.


Little of topic but wanted to ask. Do you/devs just give yourselves whatever you need/want? Just wondering because I’ve seen devs multiple times buying from my shop or other shops.


The team is only supposed to use admin functions whilst supporting the game or supporting a player. Testing, Staging and Development universes are for testing.

I personally buy all my tools + weapons + revive augments + foods, funded by selling my Rough Oort. Currently the most consistent way of making money.


Oh ok awesome. Figured that’s kind of how it was played


That’s pretty cool actually. Didn’t know that.


I would love for you to be an Honorary Member of iLLumiNaughty!


This makes me a little sad, but I understand how careful you all need to be.

Maybe a second account, completely separated from work?

Though, with how often, and the various hours you all seem to be working, I’m not sure you ever leave the studio.
I’ve got it in my head there’s a designated “nap corner,” for those inbetween times. :wink:


Hey James swing by the Slingbow Depot I’ll hook you up :slight_smile:


I wish more people would think to ask questions here than assume that the remarks are correct and spread rumors.
Lets a lot of us know the truth and I didn’t know @james had put up a letterbox.

Wonder if there are any near the Ultima hubs that players can use. Personally I find the PS hubs confusing, I like the portals to the planets in a row so I can find them, Some I can’t find as you have to go through this portal to get to this portal and then to that portal and that is a waste of time and very frustrating.

Sorry, didn’t mean to railroad, but it does make it hard to get around and I would love to see a letterbox at the Ultima hub.


The mailboxes are in finata in front of the portals to the new planets(dzassak and trung)

If you use Ultima finata I’m actually slightly surprised you didn’t see them


The ultima hub is where it’s currently at. With the signs it’s hard to miss.