@Ultima - Re:Galan

Still sorta new and not sure if this is the proper channel, but want to get in contact with Ultima about the Galan hub.

Please make roads. This is my primary hunting and gathering planet and the two block deep hole is really annoying

Wait sorry was thinking of krib.

2nd edit: https://discord.gg/yS3Pjz5 you could ask in their discord

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yeah we need to finish the roads there will do them prob. tomorrow :slight_smile:


which reminds me about unfinished Mulariakrib hub - there is still a sign there saying it’s not the final location

Houchus hub is nicely build and finished but players cant buy portals yet - a sign saying plinths with tokens are coming soon has been there for weeks

I am not complaining - I offer help here :sunglasses: you know yourself @Hashmalash, I am ready to grab tools and materials and do some work for you whenever needed

PS. Plaese sort out Boori hub as well - has been in plans since before Christmas and nothing is happening; also can help and even offer a spot in my settlement; could build or help building it so it could be ready in a few hours

Awesome! Thank you!

Thanks for addressing it! I’m also frequently frustrated just trying to get out of the gate on Galan. While I appreciate public farms, that shimmering orb farm next to the bridge could use some work (and less signs).

After Galan, work on McRib gate perhaps??? :wink:

Our group is also very willing to help, with mats or physical labor.

I’m currently building a spot where people can have player portals and put down blocks safely next to the temporary hub

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And one more - several of Ultima hubs don’t allow strangers to warp in. That causes some problems on higher tier worlds when you are thrown on top of a steep mountain or into an unexpected hole. Hard to find entrance sometime and those mobs attacking as well.

Could you please look into it and make all the hubs player-friendly?

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@FireAngelDth On McRib or Galan? I built that existing little Warp Conduit safe zone outside the gate on McRib, so let me know if you want to join forces.

On McRib @Zephidyon

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oh really? i though i placed shopstands with tokens for the portals ages ago. thanks for reminding me its not done yet.

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