Ultimate Beastmaster (competiton!)

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Its a cool competition! Been in construction for over a week. Enter The beast and it’s obstacles. 12 will come in. but only one will emerge victorious!


  • Fall in the lava and you’re DONE. All points will be locked for that round.
  • Grapple rose colored gleam blocks to gain an extra 10 points.
  • only use our specialty made grapples. They have hookshot so getting the rose gleam may be a bit of a difficulty. >:D
  • After passing a round, don’t keep going on.
  • You have to be in the point leaders to pass onto the next round
  • Only 12 people can enter. One will emerge victorious
  • No using creep. >:D
    March,Saturday, 7th 2020.
    1:00 Eastern Standard Time
    It’s at the coordinates -816 N 212 E at alt 66. Come and compete!

Send me a PM or just outright say that you are coming to fill the roster! Also say what guild/city you come from, or if you are a solo player. There will be a very special

Beastmaster Competition Roster:

  1. Drelkag of River Town

There are 9 spots to compete for Ultimate Beastmaster. None are filled. I’ll put the trophy up on the day of competition. Feel free for the winner to display it.
Ultimate Beastmaster roster

And there is the beastmasters
Past Beastmasters:
Ultimate Beastmasters:


1:00 as in am or pm? (I guess pm…)

pm. It’s PM

alright thank you

What’s the difference between the 12 spot roster and the 9 spot roster?

Sounds cool!

the 12 spot roster anyone can join. The 9 spot roster is only for the winners of each of the 9 12 spot rounds. After all the 9 spots are filled, they 9 spot roster people compete for ultimat beastmaster. But when the 12 spots are filled they compete for the beastmaster title and 10k coin .

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@LunaiHunter I’ll come! Part of RiverTown.

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put you in

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note: This 1st 10 rounds (the final is ultimate beastmaster) is a test and would happen almost weekly. The whole thing may last only 30 minutes and isn’t very long. I’ll do a total revamp for the next competition. As soon as they add moving parts then i’ll add a bonus round :slight_smile:

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