UMG claiming soundtracks on Youtube videos

You need the dlc / deluxe edition afaik

Is it possible to buy the dlc separate?

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You can add the deluxe edition on steam. I think PSN now as well.

You’ll get a couple of perks as well as the music.


Unrelated but honestly I am happy to see James replying to something :laughing:. Devs have been suspiciously hiding for longer than normal I was getting worried.


Blame youtube. They are the ones making money off of demonetized videos. I took copyright classes in college 10 years ago and at that time uploading copyrighted material to a platform that didn’t make money was perfectly legal. The argument against it was basically in the realm of file sharing.

Back then if you didn’t choose to monetize a video there was no ad, no way for youtube itself to make money. Now, if you monetize copyrighted content and they run commercials and have ad banners all over the place, they have that extra money to pay licensing fees before shutting you down. If you demonetize now and all they have is ad banners on the sides, they make pennies but still need to pay for licensing so they shut it down extra quick. Youtube’s greed is the issue.


I assume you guys all saw the terraria news as well

Personally I lost an email to Google years ago and it’s impossible to get in touch with a human there. I feel for him.

Its Mumbo Jumbo VS Warner Chappel all over again.

Totally a secret

This content was claimed by UMG

I dislike that companies claim videos just for the lols and cash. :frowning: People abuse the youtube copyright system to either

Example A: Claiming a segment of their videos utilizing Content ID bots and monetizing the video

Example B: Manually claiming videos but threatening to use the “Report Breach” feature if a ransom isn’t met

Example C: Claiming videos just to be a troll

The companies VS individual creators.

The companies win due to youtube’s greed

Apparently it takes 30 days for the company to need to respond. So you’ll need to wait a long time. They can lock your income for 30 days and its so sad that youtube allows people to do this

Can everyone please share the URLs of any YouTube videos that have been effected by this?

Boundless EXOworld T7 Sennobisia +Blink

Here the Same for me .

I am Not allowed to make vids from the Game and Share them ?
I ve Digital Deluxe Version on PS 4
Greetings Turrican2006

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Same for me and it all started happening about 2 weeks ago. While the videos have been there for a year or even more. I wonder if it’s actaully allowed or not because I is starting to get annying having to remove those pieces from all my vids.

Actually got 11 claims in the last 5 days. At this rate I might as well delete all boundless content, would be faster than going in and fixing all this.

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I feel like UMG’s behavior is actually harming boundless. Sue in small claims court?

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wait for the devs to see if they resolve the problem before trying to solve it yourself. They may resolve the conflict

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Funny this seems like something pcgamer or kotaku would do a story on


I just received 2 more copyright claims on that samve video

That’s like claim number 11.

I’ve reported all links already shared to UMG.

Please share links to any other videos hit.