Unable to log in stuck on server maintenance screen (pc)

downloaded the update and loaded up the game just fine had to logout to check a few things loged back in but now getting the server maintenance screen while it seems others are able to play just fine and i was just able to play just fine before

I had the same on the ps4 but now stuck in the portal area should be fixed soon

hotfix in progress

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FYI I’m back in

Where did you get that Info From? I am waiting since 30 Minutes for some kind of Message from the Devs, why and how long it will be down xD

I was in-game and a message popped up saying it was going down in 5-4-3-2-1. I presume it was for a reason. True I don’t know the actual reason.

Okay thats some info atleast, i just got booted out and can’t log in again cause my Character is still in the World…

I’d be happy with warping to Tana VII and walking around legendville. I just keep having a never ending stare down with the overlord of the sanctum :imp::smiling_imp:

i was trying to take a selfie with him but, cannot change to 3rd person view :stuck_out_tongue:

snrks I’d love to be able to hang with him xDD… I can just press the “Reconnect” Button and cross fingers xD

its not nice you have the portal connecting noise constantly, can only put up with it for so long before closing it :smiley:

Just beat box and techno dance to it. Follow to the woom woom woom as the overlord enjoys the show.

Holy Moly we need a Remix of that and some Music Video Starring Sanctum Guy Dancing xDD

no boundless making us go something something