Unable to place land plot (not bug, resolved)

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Hello All,

I have a spot next to my plot that I cannot claim, I can see the white box and when I click the character makes the claim animation but does not claim. I thought maybe there could be another persons plot below this spot but upon testing this with trying to place a plot above my brothers, it would not give me the white box at all. So I’m thinking this spot may be bugged. Has anyone encountered this issue? Any insight on this would be appreciated.

99% of the time there is in fact a vertical plot in the way. Is there an error message displayed when attempting to claim? Do you have sufficient plots available to claim the spot?

Hey Havok40k, Thanks for the reply.

I thought that maybe there was a plot underneath possibly but I don’t get any error messages and my character does the claiming animation like I can claim it but nothing happens. I’ve also tried placing down a campfire to see if I could claim it that way, but it just places and then disappears right after. Like I said in my first post, I experimented placing one of my plots above my brothers plot so see if the same effect would happen, but if you try and put a plot above another persons plot it doesn’t even give you the white claim box or make the claim animation when you click. That’s why i’m convinced its a possibly some kind of bug.

P.S. I do have enough plots available.