Unable to reach support

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I’m having trouble getting through to Boundless support.

I rolled a creative and it’s supposedly ready but I’m getting “ILLEGAL PROTOCOL MESSAGE” . I have submitted logs and support requests in-game, but hear only crickets.

I don’t know what to do… Paid for the game then extra for a creative world. I find it very disappointing to be left hanging like this.

Further, I was unable to get into the forums because my pw isn’t working and the “Forgot” script doesn’t send email… Yes I’ve checked spam/junk. Further, I checked email server logs-- nothing at all, so I’ve created this account to post.

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@Tiggs @monty1 @james

You might also try support@playboundless.com


I’ve done everything… submitted tickets, forum posts, sent emails.

Is it normal for the dev team to be unresponsive in a case like this?

Ehhh, there’s two teams and a transitional situation right now. We’re not abandoned but some things take a minute. Actual developer resources have to be pulled from another project when required.

Just to sum things up.

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@Tiggs I apologize for this ping yet again, but is this something you can at least look into or “push” a little?

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I do see where you emailed in yesterday, and we responded back. Did you not receive our response?