Underground garden

Hey guys, i started buidling underground garden, and i need some suggestions and help for it, if you could say some cool color of grass, rocks or anything else from the pic and tell me which planet i can find it on, i will be really greatfull :smiley:


Have you thought about putting a small stream meandering through it, it could be fed by a little waterfall cascading down one of the walls. Don’t forget the lighting too, that can make such a dramatic difference.


Yes, it will have the stream and a waterfall, but first i want to do the main part of it with the plants rocks boulders tangle etc

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Hey there! I like the idea you have. But Cool colors really depend on your preference. Do you like dark shades or the bright and vivid shades?

You an check out what colors all of the permanent planets have by checking out boundless crafting website:


I personally really like the cerulean verdant grass from Houchus but haven’t yet found a way to incorporate it into my build, since I use primarily darker colors.

Also I have a bunch of plants and foliage in my shop at C55 in DK’s Mall Legendville. The plants there could give you some inspiration, and if you need a sample or two i wouldn’t mind donating to help you out.

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Hey, thanks for the reply, ye ik bout ur shop hehe but im saving it for the Exo part of the garden, well to be real i kinda want to incorporate all pretty colors in one whole build in a lets say pallet way, where one color will melt to the other one with help of soil grass and other plants so i want to experiment.

Ye i know about the site, and i saw it but i want to hear other peoples favs, so i can like extract the most liked colors and use only them i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw im the owner of Legatus ur right next to me heh :smiley: and i was planing on buying out ur shop at one point heh

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Green/Yellow plants foliage grass, grey rock, no straight paths, multiple block types of same/similar colour, elevation (don’t make it dead flat), don’t make it unnecessarily big

Some of my initial thoughts :+1:


Hey, thanks a lot for helping, ye there wont be paths at all except the one u see already on the pic, i want to do it as close to natural as possible :smiley:

Haha! I figured since your post on the “Fronds” thread. I use your portal every day to access the shop. :slight_smile:

Of course I’d be happy to have you buy everything, but also don’t mind giving you some free samples. After all, the Holiday season is coming up! Black Friday blowout sales! Lol.

In terms of colors, if you check out how my foliage is organized, I believe that’s the general color progression to make them “melt” into each other.

Start with Black - Azure - Cerulean - Cobalt - etc… There are 30 total color groups including black and white. But you won’t necessarily find plants/grass/rocks of every color without buying or farming the rare, limited time, exo planet materials.

You might consider starting by choosing your favorite color and building a small sample with that palette. Different shades of Turquoise for example. Pull together turquoise plants/grass/dirt/gravel/stone/foliage etc. and use a variety of materials.

Ovis’ recommendation above are a great start to making it look natural and providing variety.

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Also, gleam and ice go great together for lighting features. The ice is highly reflective.

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So great, i really apriciate the help it stuck me some awesome ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Go visit Treasure Hunt it’s a 2x2 at my tree. It has what you need. :blush:

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Ye i been there, and i did pretty well :stuck_out_tongue: around 45-50 treasures :stuck_out_tongue: it looks so good :smiley: but i want to do it without roads walls etc, as natural as possible :smiley: