Underground Sewer/Portal Room [Complete] Livestream Build

Aktubio! :fist:

The past week I have started a livestream let’s play, where I started a brand new character from 0 and have gotten to where I am now in 6 days. I plan to continue livestreaming for as long as I play Boundless :+1:

This is the first project we have completed, its an underground sewer area which is going to house all of my portals to interesting places i use frequently, only one portal there so far (The Hubbit Network). Building this was great fun, having the help of the stream was extra useful! So here is some screenshot spam - enjoy!


That’s pretty cool. I look forward to seeing it done.

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My regret is that I have only one like to give this build.


Looks awesome, I like the “water” :smiley:


That is awesome! :slight_smile:

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see I knew there was a reason I was over the moon wit you back ingame. Awesome build!

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I can’t wait to see this fully functional after the farming update :wink:


Wow it didn’t even occur to me that it was fake water!


@georgegroeg Cheers mate, I have too any ideas for the city for it to ever be ‘done’ :joy:

@Havok40k Hahah sadly I can only give that comment one like, made me laugh - cheers bro :fist:

@Fallon Thanks dude, this was trial and error attempt 3, used a lighter blue first then used sedimentary but i think the dark blue and igneous rock laid down on its side works better :ok_hand:

@bucfanpaka Cheers buc!fan! :fist:

@Mittekemuis Aw thanks Mittek! Glad to be back :smiley:

@Lord-Proteus I literally cannot wait for placable water lol, so many ideas! :ocean:

I changed the grid at the top to make it more interesting, less bulky and more symmetrical:


Cool build! Where are the TMNT hiding at?

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Brilliant. I love the artistic direction here. And thank you for live streaming it. You are the type of player Boundless needs to spark interest for the non-Boundless world.

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rly nice build :slight_smile:

@anon37133123 At night they come out from behind the grate in the third picture :wink:

@Creegle Ah thanks buddy :slight_smile: I’m doing my best, hopefully the ideas I have planned for the future will do just that :fist:

@Hashmalash Cheers Hash, appreciate it :fist: Its not quite as big as your creations, but it’ll get there :wink:

It’s a shame horizontal portals were stopped. I loved jumping down in to/up in to portals, and would be great for water based ones imo.

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I had no idea they were stopped, what was the reason? But yeh I agree they would look awesome with water :+1: