Unintended consequences of new movement logic

The “slowing to a stop” logic contributes a lot of falling off of things, particularly with tall grass on the edges of scarps and other features. Tall grass on the top of ridges already obscures where the edges are, and not being able to stop as quickly means there’s a lot of falling. Falling => injury => death.

Now, I like death as much as the next guy (which is to say that I don’t like it at all), so might it be possible to explore this topic a little further and maybe do a little fine-tuning?

I can’t escape from a rampaging Mo’Pig with shift-creep when I’m up on the ridges, and the entire point of running away is to avoid dying. As a famous duck once said, I’m allergic to death. It makes me itch.


from another post. personally i think its fine that we dont stop instantly, might be annoying but it also forces you to be more careful.

but its a matter of preference.

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The movement is still a work in progress - expect some more tweaks in the next update. The general idea is to try and make the player feel more skilful and in control. So if you’re not feeling that - then we have more work todo!

Keep an eye on the future release notes to see what changes are going in. As an example, we allow players to still jump off an edge for a moment after they’ve stepped off. (A little like if you were to push off the wall rather than jump off the top of the wall.) It’s features like this that you might not instantly notice but collectively make the game more nimble and satisfying to control.


full on parkour system please XD


nah i guess that is too much work, but personally i like the fact that you slide slightly as i said, so its very much a matter of preference, i just hope you guys will avoid minecraft movement where you can stop and move instantly no matter what.

Where is a balance to find. We def want a physical world but also want players to feel rad whilst traversing and exploring the worlds.

I was actually talking to Zouls and some others about this on another thread. I’ll just throw that here in case some people haven’t seen it.

“One thing that I feel is that the movement is still a bit too… strange. When you move and let go of the movement key, it still acts as though you are walking on ice, regardless of the block you are on. Just less than before. And when you press a movement key, it takes a moment for your character to actually move. These sorts make things in the game such as parkour really tough.”


"To be honest, I don’t see how it would be, “too much”. Smoother movement, and more responsive controls really only add more to a game. In Oort Online, there will soon be many dangers to traveling the worlds, as well as PvP. I believe the movement should be as smooth as possible to give you complete control over your character, and to ensure that any silly mistakes resulting in death are completely your own fault, and not the less-than-completely-responsive controls.

I don’t like to compare this game to Minecraft, as many people - outside the Oort Online community - are already worried that it’s too much like Minecraft because it’s a voxel-based, randomly generated, first-person, open world. However, I believe that the smoothness of controlling your character in Minecraft should be carried over to Oort Online."

Just my thoughts on it. And overall, something I have noticed is that everything is slow to respond. If I set a block, jump, press an arrow key, break a block, et cetera… they all take a moment to actually respond to your key command, and I find it strange…

I just tested the new movement and it seems not as bad as I expected it. Combined with a little bit of lag it’s really annoying sometimes.
Of course it’s also that we have to accommodate to the new movement, but it seems a little bit too much for me.

Though ANYTHING combined with LAG is really annoying :kissing_heart:


Here’s some lag for your lag ;V

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All the movement should be independent of latency in the game.

The client allows you to move independently of the server, it also makes predictions about the movement of other entities independently of the server. Once the server does eventually respond with legal and actual movement deltas then the client corrects towards this. The server knows what actually happened. So ideally the latency should be hidden away.

If you are experiencing movement LAG, then either your network latency is unplayably high or there are unresolved issues in the code (likely!!).

Either way - we’ve put a lot of effort and technology into making the online experience feel smooth. It’s not fully there yet. (We’re probably going to replace the low level networking layer at some point to something even more efficient and reliable!!)


I’m not sure if it’s related or if I should make a new thread. But I just noticed that my fps are never above 60 even on the lowest settings and medium viewing range.
I’m not sure what’s causing it but I think my PC shoud be able to handle more than that. Some lag comes from that I’d say.

The game is currently locked to 60 fps.

Oh ok, but then, why are the fps numbers red even on 59? shouldn’t red signal something is wrong?

Just means it’s less that the target of 60.

But you’re right - red at 59 is a little unnecessary.

Yea, i mean it’s a faint red, only really red at 55 or something like that. But still.
So I have no idea where the lag comes from then^^

Hmm, Now I feel old, coming from a time where 25+ frames were a mark to aim for at fps-games :smile_cat: … I think all over 40 should not marked as low ^^

But on my computer I have real low frames compared to other games (may be 35+ WITHOUT post processing), but I’m sure there will be a lot of optimisation later in alpha or beta :wink:

yea I know right^^ It should be enough with 30-40 fps but somehow it still lags for me.

Agreed i like the realism but as someone who enjoys making tall structures and spends most of the time at it, I have found that the slow stop brings a lot of difficulties specially when placing blocks form above or under water (swimming and diving)

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Hold shift and you cant go off cliffs, kinda clever.

again i know this is very much a matter of personal preference, but i still like the idea, i mean if you fall off a building when you are building, then you were obviously running, alot of the problem that have been suggested can all be prevented by the sentence ‘‘dont rush’’

im not saying its perfect, movement is most likely going to be changed alot over the course of the game, however i just see this in the same category as people asking for ‘‘no fall dmg’’ and ‘‘no dmg from smacking face first into a wall’’ because they think its stupid and unneeded which is another case of ‘‘dont rush’’ and after a while they actually realize that its not a very big problem if you just play more carefully.

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