Unique, World-Exclusive Flowers

My suggestion in a nutshell:
Have a certain type of flower grow specifically in each different world. Each world-specific type of flower would sort of mirror the color scheme of said world, as well as the real life flower. To collect other types of flowers, you would have to travel between the worlds and pick a few to bring home with you, much like the different block variants, except each flower would have a different model, rather than just a different color. Each flower would also have a sort of punny name combining the name of an actual flower, and the world name.

Flower Examples:

  • Yafadaisy (Daisy. Found on Yafaday.)
  • Kohenation (Carnation. Found on Kohe.)
  • Merfiris (Iris. Found on Merfi.)
  • Liliielo (Lily. Found on Iielo.)
  • Gorchid. (Orchid. Found on Gortnen.)
  • Poinseltia. (Poinsettia. Found on Selta.)
  • Dahliielo. (Dahlia. Found on Iielo.)
  • Gihhsbera. (Gerbera. Found on Gihhs.)
  • Lepkonium. (Limonium. Found on Lepker.)
  • Stateisa. (Statice. Found on Eisa.)

Possible Pros and Cons:


  • A wide variety of flora to adorn gardens and lawns with.
  • Increased motivation to visit other worlds and, “Catch 'em all!”
  • Collectors and explorers alike will have a field day finding and collecting all flowers.
  • Overall to make Oort Online a prettier place! :wink:


  • It might be tough making a unique model/texture for each individual world.

Can you think of any other pros or cons for this? What do you all think of the idea? If the devs like it, I would love to come up with all of the names for you. @ben It’s quite fun. Haha. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading!


seems like an insane amount of work for vitrually no gain.

That sounds like post 1.0 stuff

The idea is great though but as @Zouls said it would require a lot of work.

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I usually can’t find more than two flower types per world anyway, there are too many potential servers.

ben said that up to tier 4 worlds might be 100 worlds, that would be 100 different flower models. which is insane.

So instead of JUST focusing on the bad, be helpful and think of a better way to do it. :wink:

Have limited flower types. Done. It’s cool to have variety and there will be plenty, but there’s a limit before things either become tedious or unobtainable.

Make about 6 flower models, give each blossom and stalk (in combination) 10-15 color sets and you would have enough to let them grow on 3-5 worlds each (enough for letting them being rare :wink: ). The greater problem would be the invention of all the recipies for the items you want to be able to craft with them (PS: And naming all of them as well) ;D

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Try finding Chancey for me

This should hopefully explain why having every world have a different flower is a problem, but limiting it with a small parameter of combinations is better idea.

Can you believe this is just the first generation? Imagine if we added the rest.

You could make some different stems, some different flower tops (the thing with the petals I don’t know what it’s called in english) and some different petals and then allow players to merge them together. And then players could also choose a color for the the plant. I don’t know how much work it would be, but the devs wouldn’t have to model too much while the flora of every world would still feel special

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