Unknown structures on worlds


Anyone else notice these about the worlds? They look like Antient Portals of some kind or Giant Arm Chairs lol


They are artifact of old, relics of the Oort! Each surrounded by mystery and intrigue. We enlightened few of the Illuminoorti believe them to be framing for portals between Oortian worlds. Archeological findings near these sites unearth relics from foreign worlds, many originating from planets yet unknown.


On ??beseverona??? You can find stone or brick headstones with patches of dirt like a grave. In our town we have a stone hange. I like stumbling across things like this


Will the stargate to the exo planets be built near them?


But seems that players dosen’t like to protect cultural relics.
“These things are so beautiful, I’d like to dig them off and take to home.”


There will be no stargates to exoplanets. The only way to travel to them will be via warping with a totem!


These exist on Biitula as well, only more purply and cool blue gleam.


Gyosha has Stonehenge. @Ratchel has a portal to one


Come see Stonehenge at “Down by the Shore with Pauly” accessible through PURE glass corridor, IllumiNaughty foot fall co-op and few other places also. Though currently at work so can’t list them all.


Slingbow depot, gyosha mall main hub, trader bobs/use the force gyosha mall shop, ps biitula diagon alley and feelzgood shop portals. Think that’s all of them