Unlink From Steam

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So I bought 2 copies of the game, me and my son got on, made boundless accounts to sign in with and now they are linked to the opposite / wrong steam accounts. I thought having to have a second login and password and such I’d be able to just restart / logout and log back in with the correct one. Nope not the case its bound after its created? Is there any way to get it signed out so we can sign in with the proper usernames / characters?

you been leveling alot?
maybe you could just delete caracters and rename as solution
our get an alt give it your name you want and get rid off the first caracter

it could be that since your son has your name you cant use the name on a new character until he deletes our unuse that name

i hope the dev’s can swap accounts around our something
before you need do something like this
def wait for there response

Posting here good enough to merit a response? or should I post elsewhere? i used the ingame report tool but did not get anything from it yet.

Usually here is fine, it is the weekend though so the Devs are not as active on the forums as they are during the week.

We’ve responded via PM.

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