Unlocked Gleam Colors

As I see a few sovereigns with these colors I am sure people are aware of them, but if you weren’t aware now you know.

Deep Cerulean
Deep Turquoise
Bright Moss

These have been unlocked since I last checked. I am going through world control and comparing it with my spreadsheet.


Thank you I knew about the 2 but not about deep cerulean. Thank you so much :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I’m aware. I just sent yesterday the list of gleam that is still locked and I’m on top of that.

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So after playing with the API I don’t see a direct way to pull and list Exo colors.

There may be a roundabout way of doing it by comparing a few things, but it wouldn’t be ideal. What is possible is just getting a list of locked colors for each item. Which I do have in a spreadsheet, but it’s a little old and the only real way of making it exact is looking at world control since none of the sites seem to have updated their list of world control colors.