"Unplayable Connection"

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EDIT: The problem is still ongoing. I did greatly improve my connection, but the problem continues. This problem is, unsurprisingly more common in the evening hours.
My character bounces around and wiggles and blocks appear and disappear and it says “unplayable connection” and that’s at a displayed 40 something ms according to boundless. This is a bit ridiculous and the game is getting worse to the point that it’s, as the game itself suggested, unplayable.
The issue here is obviously quite common and the devs should really take note because this may cause me (and many others) to abandon the game. Any help from anyone is welcome.
I’ve tried the suggestions below, tried restarting router and tried a number of other options, including reducing packet size, changing the cache both bigger and smaller…

I couldn’t find anything recent on the forums, but I have had frequent and seemingly random “unplayable connection” problems (in the games words)
My internet speed and ping both on speedtest and within other games is absolutely wonderful. About 35ms latency at most with just under gigabit down speeds and about 300mb/s upload.
Is this an ongoing issue with the game or is there something else at play here? Anyone else experiencing this issue?
I’m in Washington state, and I’m experiencing this on multiple planets, but i have been spending most of my time on Alder.


I’m in WA state as well. Your connection issues are why I quit a long time ago.i just came back this last week and haven’t encountered any serious problems yet. Back then the reason was always ‘something is causing issues on your route to the servers’.

The devs would say they weren’t at fault. Xfinity would confirm there are no issues with the connection. Home network would be flawless. All other games ran great.

Just some mysterious problem in the middle of the pipe that randomly decides if it wants to screw with you. I’d thought it was gone since I haven’t been plagued with it since coming back but your post definitely gives me some slight gaming ptsd.

Hope you have better luck then I did figuring it out.

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  1. Make sure you are not running other games at the same time.
  2. Re verify game files through steam
  3. Do a speed test make sure you are getting enough speed.
  4. Disable all unneeded windows services
  5. Do not stream video on the same machine you are playing on.
  6. You can bring up task manager and look at the network monitor and see what happens in their when you get unplayable connection errors.

Everytime I have been plagued with this it has been for one of the above reasons. Except #1 I never do that. it is recommended to never run more than one game at a time as this can cause connection and system instability. As well as burn out your graphics card quicker than normal.

Ok, in case anyone is interested, I’ve discovered the issue. I did extensive analysis on my connection as well as my use of resources on my PC.
First off, boundless seems to use a lot more data than most games. If your connection suffers at all, it will show up here first. I also play WoW and sometimes a couple of other casual games, all online. These do not use as much bandwidth and they remain more stable at higher latency (although your gameplay may well suffer, still). I know WoW at least has systems in place that make it more tolerant of slow, narrow, and laggy connections.
Second, my wifi adapter was severely limiting my connection so that I could play other games but it wasn’t good enough for boundless. I remedied this by wiring in to a wifi repeater with an Ethernet port. I now have 3ms ping. Problem solved.

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I have also been dealing with the same problem lately. Normally I can do multiple tasks with my computer no problem. Watch netflix, youtube whatever all while playing Boundless. This is a server side issue. I will do the verify files thing but I doubt if that’s the issue.

If it is a server side issue then everyone would be having the same issues. From my experience it is usually something between my connection and the server, not the server itself.


I don’t really think it is server side. I was able to solve the issues I had myself, therefore it’s an issue between the client and the server.
The game is just pickier than most games about bandwidth and latency.


It is very sensitive to any connection issues… and the “ping” shown in game is not just connection latency but a combination of things including things on the users system.

Yeah I believe it may have to do with the latest Nividia update that I downloaded.

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My problem came back, in spades. I did greatly improve my connection, but I’m at a lot as to what’s going on here.

If you have a VPN, try using it to change the routing to the server you are having issues with and see if that helps.

Haha rolled back driver still having unplayable pop up over and over. :rofl: Been playing for months with no problem. Running all sorts of stuff in the background. And now with nothing in the backround I get this unplayable message. Have literally changed nothing since the weekend. I wasn’t even having problems when I updated my driver’s it was like a couple days later. So much for building a community. I will give it a week or two maybe one of their updates will correct this. :sob: Just because I have no idea what’s going on I blame
soviergn worlds :rofl: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it sure isn’t the developers motto.

I am not having any issues at all, on any servers, so it is very likely somewhere between you and the server, not the server itself.


You are one person though. I believe you I just highly doubt I am 1 of 2 boundless players with this problem. Especially when everything was working fine for months. I have incredible internet. Perks of living in ND. I get to use Midcontinent and the “1G” speed lol. I also build my computer from the ground up. Upgraded it to the latest and greatest a year ago.

Yeah, there are likely more… anyone that has a similar route to the server. But there are 100s playing every day, if one server was giving everyone unplayable connection there would be many more people here talking about it.

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Yeah I thought about that to. :weary:

Actually steam charts say 128 players a day average. Oh yeah but also console so probably 100s.

I do have issues occasionally lately to EU from where I am. But if I use a VPN to force the internet to route a different way then it goes away. Which tells me, at least in my case, that the problem is somewhere in the normal path my internet traffic takes to the EU and if I change that it goes away.


Yeah. I’m done with this game now. So many complaints about how people have connection problems with this game and only this game.
I’ve followed suggestions and looked at guides and forum post and tried about everything. Even upgraded my actual internet connection.
I have 800mb/s down and 300up. I’m getting 3ms latency to servers about 1k miles away, but this game, and only this game is unplayable the majority of the time.
It’s interesting how many complaints there are about this and the devs just don’t care. They evidently don’t want people playing their game.

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Just for reference using Alder (USE) as an example since I noticed it was used in screenshots in the other thread.

I am located in South Korea, and this video was captured on my laptop, at work, using my phones wifi hotspot, which routes through a repeater in the building before going to outside, as the internet connection. Pretty much the worst combination of things I could do to my game playability… this connection is around a 11,000km distance to travel and probably hops through dozens of hubs between me and the game server. No unplayable connections for me. I only recorded 2 mins of video to keep the upload size down, but 30 mins of time on Alder and never an unplayable connection.

I understand you are frustrated, and I really hope you can get the problem resolved, just does not appear to be the server itself.