Upcoming contest: water/lava/liquids use contest!

Well, we’re all waiting on farming, and while some have an unfair head start on us poor PS4 players, I wanted to let people have a head start with their creative juices for use of liquids! Contest coming soon!

My tree contest is still open for submissions for another week or so, if you’re eager to enter a contest right now! Lots of amazing submissions so far, but there’s always room for a latecomer challenger to break into the pack and win the race!

Secret passages and waterfall entrances? Lava traps and prisons to deter enemies? Smiley faces puking up tar? (Whatever happened to that build of a puking rainbow btw?) Forested waterfalls? Start dreaming and get ready for the new update, or show off some work you’ve been doing in the test server so far!

oh i wish i could just give you testing access, i don’t go on testing i just am on pc live only. :slight_smile: All my info of testing comes from the forums as well.