Update Notes: December 7th

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No more Wonderstruck logos allowed ingame :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Ain’t it just the small things that getcha :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to jump back in when the first major update comes up! One of my favorite games! Rooting for you Monumental, there’s a gem here with the right care and direction


Guess you missed where Tiggs stated no changes at this time just the name.

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Maybe you missed it :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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“It’s just to change to the Monumental name. No other changes at this time.”

His reply to are there any changes.

Hm, I guess that’ll also mean that there will be no privately hosted servers like in Minecraft, as originally promised? That was one of the reasons, why I backed the game originally. :frowning:

We have no idea what their plans are yet. They’ve said they don’t know fully what their plans are until they’ve created a new team and start working on it. I think Monty did say that the MMO and NPE were probably going to be their priority concerns.

You can currently rent a private planet/server. It’s not like MC though. I don’t know if they plan to continue development on the local universes that Wonderstruck had been working on.


but you can rent perivate creative or survival planet, ald periodically change colors at them, its better than MC i think :smiley:

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So happy to see progress this became my favourite game simply because I hadn’t seen support anything like this game at a time your issues where addressed within minutes someone at sometime loved this game and then left us with silence I haven’t had a chance to read the new eula read in the post about the advertising thing and respect that is monumental thing and realy trying not to stir up trouble but the trailer on steam has both wonderstruck and square Enix in it, sorry for mention but I along with a lot of other oortions don’t think that trailer is suitable for the great game Boundless is


This is super exciting!

I haven’t played in a little while because life got in the way, but this game has just been lurking in the back of my brain the whole time waiting to make a comeback. Even seemingly small changes can mean a lot, and all of the little updates and bits of new information are making it harder and harder for me to stay away!
I hope the devs are as excited as we all are. We’re rooting for you guys and fingers crossed you’re getting the chance to make this into something great that you can all really be proud of :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Just to expand on this, renting a private planet is the best of both worlds. You technically have your private space and much like a Minecraft server (if hosted) you simply pay monthly for it.

You can have your own private spaces and allow whomever you’d like to come visit or build there and you also still get access to the beautiful and wonder main universe if you just wanted to venture out.

I don’t personally support the idea of private servers as the main MMO universe and many of the people in it are amazing and is one of the main draws to the game for MANY people.

Nonetheless, glad to see MM updating no matter how small :slight_smile:


Especially RedY3. Take notice everyone.


btw when renting a private world, you still go to the wonderstuck store @monty1 @Tiggs Maybe another logo to change


We’re working on that!


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