[Update] Paragon M.E.U. Now Open! Swing by and Check it Out!

Paragon M.E.U. (Mall at the End of the Universe)

I decided to start building this mall recently in hopes to help players at the far end of the universe with SOV’S to have a mall close by to set up shop and sell high end materials and/or SOV specific colors/items all in 1 place. Alot or almost all malls, are located on T1’s-T3’s i believe and/or at the front end of the boundless universe and players at the far ends of the universe have to traverse through many portals to get there. (Can be a pain :grimacing:)

I am still in the building/ideas portion of this build, coming up with new ideas as i go but the layout is pretty much done. This mall will actually only use 1x1 plots for each shop, now I know this doesn’t sounds like a lot of room but my intention is not for players to sell a million different items using 100 different shop stands, but more for 10 shop stands or thereabouts with specific items, doesnt need to be that many things. I understand people are use to having huge mall shops and I kind of wanted to downsize that option. And this would be an easier shop build and less stress to operate.

I am open to new ideas as well and would love to hear what people will say about this, maybe it will be a complete bust, not sure, but I wanted to try something new. I live by “no risk, no reward,” and guess we will see where this takes us.

This is being built on my SOV which is fuelled for over a year and will continue to be fuelled, so that won’t be an issue. And I’m still coming up with ideas as far as portals to get to it. Thought about ginormous portals from TNT, which I think I could get down to about 3 or 4 portals you would have to go through to get to it instead of using TNT’s 9 portals through serp.

Or I might just keep it accessible from my 1x2 portal down in TNT Norkyna hub for now and see what happens. TNT already has this access from lower tier to high tier so I guess, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” lol

I kno a lot of players might already have SOV’s close to this so maybe it will be a good thing for some. I won’t tell what my SOV is or coordinates to the mall yet, but if you know who I am and what SOV I have, maybe you can find it and check it out :wink:

It will still be a while before its finished but I just wanted to put it out there and see what people think

Thanks everybody :smiley:


Here are some initial screenshots, thought id share a few. Bottom row is layed out but still have to build second top row


O.O how far from Houchus I live on Houchus boop

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When I get on today I will check and see and let you know, thanks @BabyCookie

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The Distance would only be 11 blinksecs :smile:

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Nice work!

Although, not sure if it was meant or not, but as someone who often work for the Mall of Emirates in real-life (which we also shorten to MOE), this title gave me PTSD from all the projects I worked on there. :rofl:
So much gold. Too much gold. :scream:


Thanks @Goblinounours
lol, im sry about that. didnt mean any harm to anyone :smiley:, I had a few names floating in my head and for some reason this one kind of stuck. Never know, the name might change though, this was just kind of to get it out there kind of thing :grin:

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Ha ha no don’t change the name on my account. If anything, it caught my eye because of it. :rofl:


@Goblinounours are you back (O.O)
And high tier mall might be kool when update hits when all skill points can be used

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I’m still lurking on the forums, but I won’t be back in the game until the devs add a subtantial amount of furniture.

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That’s kind of what I’m hoping for, but never know, might be a complete bust lol.
I’m taking a big risk, lots of malls out there already :grin:

Wanna build a memorial build in Cookie Kingdom (O.O)
& & & the mall probably work out just real slow I live on Houchus me got a community area for Fun Builds but it’s if you wanna build area boop

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Hope so… :grin:
I’ve seen your build and its incredible! :wink: We will def. Have to link when I get done with my build, still gonna be quite a while :grimacing:

The Mall at the End of the Universe.


I was gonna name it that initially!! And for short, “Mateotu” haha (M.A.T.E.O.T.U.) kinda sounds like a word oortions would say in the emotes section

Thats crazy you thought of the same thing lol


This Community is completely awesome and its what keeps me going! So thank you to everybody

Here are a couple more updated screen shots

Hope You Enjoy seeing the progress on this massive undertaking I have committed myself too :grin:


And mabye within your mall is a ‘restaurant at the end of the universe’.


You could leave out the “small words” like “of” and “the”. MEU.


This thread is inspiring me to make a sovereign called Krikkit.

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The Restaurant at the Mall at the End of the Universe

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