Update: Release Coming Next Week

Anyone got any info on whether the external sites/ plug ins like B U T T or simoyds resource bot in the discord will include the sovereign world in their database?
@Simoyd @Mayumichi

Come now, we would never do such a- mh. @DragonTamer, we need more meat for the feast. Grab someone.


Fresh meat on the way @Goblinounours

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I doubt we get a FAQ until either the night before or at the same time as release. Less time for us to complain about XYZ.

The exo bot will be expanded to include “public” information available from sovereign worlds. I imagine @Angellus will have it on his site too. I assume shopping APIs will still be exposes for sovereign planets but I’m personally not sure how the IDs will be exposed. I’m sure there’s some way.


Boundlexx already does support Sovereign worlds (used by NixBot on TNT and the bot on Downtown in Brown Town Discords). I do not have a live API key for the Shop API though, so no shop data yet. I already have resources and shops being pulled from Sovereign worlds on Testing worlds so as long as world discovery is not significantly different on the Live Universe, I will definitely be pulling it down.

I know @Mayumichi does not have a in-depth backend for BUTT and her and I have talked about possibly switching it to using Boundlexx, that should solve the Sovereign world problem for BUTT. The issue is that I need to get my Live API key before we can really revisit that.

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allright so rss wise we good, just the shopping api…which tbh we all cannot live without sounds tricky! argghh

I would tend to agree since transparency is not in the devs vocabulary.

We should better learning read,

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“Busy” is though.

Either way - we should hopefully be getting the release either on or before Thursday I would imagine, as that is when the event is due to start.


I would think the update won’t happen until thursday. On the anniversary

Then they should have just said Thursday rather than the whole Update coming next week bs. I assume everyone can read because we all talk on the forums.

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Then there is no point in playing, as I have said and others have too many portals are down even to many of the farms and no one is tending their shop stands or request baskets so mining and foraging are rather pointless.

The actual anniversary was last Friday September 11. They picked Thursday for the celebration of the anniversary per the post.


Oh okay, didn’t know that.

It says the “Birthday” celebration will start on Thursday. This update post said the update would be the week of the 14th. Intentionally vague for sure. I don’t think it’s a reading issue though.


I’m still farming stuff daily in preparation for getting onto my sovereign world (as long as I can get some decent colours). All those blocks I need aren’t going to craft themselves!


No he say the week beginn 14sep.

As I said BUTT isn’t going to be rewritten for boundlexx, too many custom use cases which a general api doesn’t work with. It’ll have to be something new, and I presume once price data is freely available, someone is going to make a better butt.

@TH0R Yes BUTT will have sovereign data, might not happen immediately when the update goes live, but soon ™


Week beginning the 14th, week of the 14th, it’s the same thing, no?