Update: Release Coming Next Week

Hello Citizens

We wanted to update you all on the progress of our next major update, which includes Sovereign and Creative Worlds. Many of you will have been trying this out on our testing servers, and we’re excited to report that we plan on releasing this next week (week commencing 14th September).

If you’ve not caught the testing release notes, the latest version of these can be found over here;

When you purchase a world you will be able to control its generation. You will have the simple option of selecting from a standard collection of predefined world configs, or you can select the advanced option. On Sovereign Worlds you will be able to select the individual biomes, within some limitations to keep the worlds fair and consistent within the main universe. On Creative Worlds you are free to select any biome, any resource profile, and more. This process will be initially done by a web form.

To help with the selecting the biomes we’ve got a form of ‘Brochure’ thanks to our resident travel photographer, as can be seen right over here;

As we dot the i’s and cross the t’s on this release, we’ll have all the information to share very soon, including an in-depth FAQ about the feature. This should answer all your burning questions about the creation of Sovereign and Creative Worlds.

Happy Birthday

Additionally to all this, as I’m sure many of you are aware, this week we are celebrating the second anniversary Boundless’ full release! It’s been a blast for these past couple of years, and we’ve loved sharing every moment of it with all of you.

Of course, we couldn’t let it go past unmarked, so commencing next Thursday, we’ll be launching our Boundless Celebration!

Now, we don’t want to spoil all the surprises at once, so as is tradition with our seasonal events, keep an eye on our Social media feeds next week for sneak previews of everything that’s coming. We’ve got a new wearable, a very cool new item to craft, and an old favourite returning in a new guise. In addition to this, we’re making all previous event wearables available for purchase once again in the exchange!

Outside of the time-locked event, we’ve got a little extra gift for Gleam Club members too, who will be able to enjoy a whole new range of dance emotes! Doing the Can-Can, Rocking out, or a classic Dab, however you want your citizen to celebrate, you’ll find it here. Also coming next week are the winners of our Community Competition, so we’ll have three brand new Body Paints, all designed by our very talented players!

We hope you’re all excited to celebrate Boundless’ 2nd Birthday with us!


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing this information. It is very much appreciated.


Best morning ever.


@RedY3 @kasaisaru and @Lancelotz I’ll be in touch within the next few hours about your body paint prizes :grin:


Lots of lovely news, nice one making all previous wearables available, had many requests on how to get my rainbow pipe and other items…

Edit: just realised i need to go farm lots of cubits for these skins now… :-/


Awesome stuff, thanks so much!! :smile: :partying_face: :balloon: All sounds wonderful, and totally can’t WAIT for the new dance emotes!! :grin:

(Totally going to stand on a meteor during some hunt dancing away… sorry :smiling_imp: )

Thank you all so much for your work, and Happy Birthday once again!! :gift: :cake: :balloon:


Thx For sharing biomes.

Always kinda curious about those



Whoop whoop cant wait for all the new stuff :wink:

So in the first 14 minutes From now ill be waiting :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Anyway it will be Interesting to try it all out (at the very least. And release will probably explain the most of my questions :wink:.

Again Congrats with 2 years :confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada:


Doh, I had predicted Tuesday but a day earlier is always better than a day later.

This is awesome. I can’t wait to be just like Agent Smith in the Matrix and be able to say “Like what I’ve done with the place?” followed by, “This is MY WORLD, MY WORLD!” as I rise up and kick… whoa… hold on… I’m getting a little carried away lmao. :laughing:

Thank you, Devs. I’ll look forward to that FAQ.

And Happy 2nd Birthday, Boundless! :partying_face: :birthday:


Looking forward to the worlds. Are worlds going to bought using cubits or setup like gleam club ie cash?


Wow, thank you so, so much for sharing this info publicly, very appreciated!

And what you’ve told us so far is pretty great! Especially the biome stuff!

I have one request tho, would it be possible to generate a list of biomes used for each perm planet?

Reason I ask is because I have no idea what biomes are used on Trung for instance. I might want to generate a look a like of it but there are two biomes I’m not a huge fan of so would like to exclude those.

Of course I have no idea how easy they are to lookup in the biome info graphic, if it’s dead easy I will use those but if not I would love that list of biomes to make it easier!


Excited for this FAQ, hope it goes decently in depth on the things we still don’t know about!


Hello good news!
I am so happy about this :hugs:


Just thinking out loud here but, Have you guys considered a “Sovereign World & Gleam Club Bundle” for both Steam and PS Stores? :thinking:

@james @SamF


Still curious about pricing, hopefully more info comes out on that soon.


Any way we can have a name for each of these so we know what we are looking at?


Upgraded my internet connection just in the nick of time. Thanks guys.


Might be able to do a comparison with what’s here: World Builder Pre-built Biome Preview


thanks! (sometimes the shortest messages are the strongest)


True you can but it takes a bit to go through them all and match them up. Was looking for something like a plain list in order. But if not your suggestion works.