Actually, every time I use the word, I have a little giggle inside thinking of ye guys. :joy:


:blush: awww, so I do the right thing haha


all the time, but… we are going off topic so…

the future of Boundless is unknown (like any future)
but we do know the transfer of the game hasn’t been finished and when it does there will be an announcement from Monumental

well i have not said anything about this since so many players asked me to wait.I guess wait more for update or complain there just taking our money and not telling us anything.

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The players complaining about the game moving foward are the ones being shot down by others .We are not being rud or disrespectfull but after 14 months i just dont care about the opnions of players saying wait any more .They have nothing show for the past year so this is bad in my mind because i seen other games die this same way no info from devs they take money untill they cancle game or every one leaves.


As I said, both sides have bad moments.

voicing out opinions is important - that’s what forums are for (as long as there is no personal attacks and there is a mature attitude and readiness to get the opposite arguments from others)

I am just tired a bit of me (and others) being attacked and insulted just because we share our opinions (which are not even opposite to negative ones as such, only more realistic in that we don’t spin anything). And that’s by people who previous to that stated that they are victims of toxicity.

And that was to be expected, as that’s what they said would happen.
It’s different than complete lack of communication and transparency. So my opinion here is that they gave as approximate timeline and steps they will take (transferring for more than a year, then hiring team, only then moving with development).

So, listen - I completely respect your opinion (and others who see future in dark colours), but I have a different opinion and I argue that in respectful way and try to say exactly why I disagree etc. And we both can voice our opinions and should expect there will be some reaction from other players.
So, hopefully, unlike in the past, I won’t be called toxic just because I expect discussion whenever someone says anything in any subject.

We all belong to one team of people who care about Boundless surviving and having some sort of future.

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when i said i dont care about there opnions. I mean when they tell me to not talk about it everything is fine when its not .They just shhing us and there is no reason the be quite anymore since we gave them time and nothing has happened. They say there stilll transfering everything over its been 14 months im sorry but it is what it is now show us devs that we are wrong and you are planning stuff.


NGL guys the weekly ‘boundless is doomed and the devs are lying to us’ threads have become a core part of the boundless experience.

What’d they start up, like, 2 weeks after the release?


I don’t know why, but I believe that most of the people who is dying for updates will be regretting the updates in the future lol.


People like to plan ahead and buy things knowing the servers will be online. Don’t risk buying planet fuel for 6 months not knowing if the servers will be shut down any time soon.

All I want to know is @Tiggs : How many months upfront will we be notified in case the servers will be shut down?


Its not about feelings its about making changes to the game. If it sucks it sucks then at least they are trying and they can learn from there mistakes no one is asking them to be perfect no one said that. No one is asking for the exteremes we dont live in lala land we live in the real world where things get done or things die.
We want update because we love this game we would not ask for it if we did not we would just stop playing.


No real update @Buugi. They are “transferring” the game “still” ™.

Ye and Im alrdy old fart until this transformaation ends.


I worry a bit that perhaps we aren’t in the safest hands I had hoped.
So my plan is to use up all my red candy canes to fill my planet with twinkles. No sense leaving anything on the table ;))))


I let my GC run out, all my builds ash, donated every coin I had to guild and haven’t logged in for close to 8-12 months- and still no news lol. I’ll be hiding in some dungeon on D4 if anyone wants to come find me…… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Tiggs has been replying here and/or on discord about every month to let some different random person know that the transfer is still ongoing. It’s very different than them not saying anything (especially when we get a new thread every few days asking for an update).

Their plan has not been communicated as changing (in fact has been reaffirmed several times this year). Once transfer is complete, they will look to hiring dev team, learn the code base for many months, then start work on development (focusing on NPE first).

I’ve held off on buying gleam club until transfer is complete personally, because I don’t know which developer the money goes to. I’m hoping like everyone else that the transfer is complete soon so we can move to the next steps, They have no reason not to announce when the transfer is done, as it’s considered value added to their company afterall.


Hola Everyone,

I’ll be considering doing the same @kemyobra
I’ll let my gleam club run out. Not renew my Sov planet.
And if they take another 12 months to update the game, then that is a saving of $50 on GC and $120 on a Sov planet.
Total saved, $170

And if a update is release then I’ll just have to rebuild.

Reclaim one of the best thing in this game.

Good Day Everyone
“Stay Boundless”


Note: This message is not directed at any individual but rather addresses the community as a whole.

In the boundless expanse of our game world, we’ve been granted a minimum of a year, and there’s still much unexplored territory—like the teaching aspect and assembling a capable team, among other considerations. Anticipating updates within the next six months? Not a realistic expectation.

As players in the Boundless community, we don’t hold any special privileges compared to players of other games. The developers are immersed in their work, indifferent to whether you stay, leave, or join. Threatening to let planets expire, gleam club memberships lapse, or withdrawing support might seem impactful, but the reality is, they remain unfazed.

Engaging in debates over updates and unfulfilled promises won’t elevate the game. Pointing fingers at each other is counterproductive. The persistent rumors of the game’s closure add unnecessary friction. Contrary to popular belief, game closures are more often attributed to community dynamics than developer decisions.

Feel like stepping away while waiting for updates? Go ahead. Eager to play and patiently await improvements? You’re encouraged. Opting for a semi-active approach? Your choice. Even if you decide to rage-quit and never return, the game persists with new players taking the stage.

In essence, let Monumental the time they require, and let rumors dissipate. If the current trajectory doesn’t suit you, taking a break is a valid choice, but let those with a bit more patience in their values persevere.


This recently changed for me it says Monumental in the PlayStation store & yes I know everyone got this already but guess my region just got this boop!

Starting of the New Year I’ll be adding GC to my account my city is a Landmark I think (^-^)

I have watched Tiggs-chan in Action when it comes to keeping the community Updated when updates becomes available she does a Brilliant job :heart: (Little Alchemist Remastered) I hope to see that kind of passion in Boundless when that day arrives and we start rolling out updates :cookie:


My, aren’t you impatient. :roll_eyes:
If you really want to know, send an email to playboundless@support.com (which is what @Tiggs has told us from the start).
Those are pretty simple instructions. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: