So we are now waited patiently over a year after monumental took over.

Is there any sign of freaking news?.


It’s not that long of a process…

I don’t mind if the game is in maintenance mode but I’d like to know if the servers will stay up for any length of time before investing in more sov time.


With only about 2 people in each company working on this, while dealing with their other projects and daily lives, how long does it take?
Since you seem to make yourself out to be the expert, please do enlighten us. I’m sure @Tiggs would like to hear your insight… :roll_eyes:

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I’m tempted to reply with an equally nasty response but it’s not worth it. I just want to be able to play this game in the future and that looks increasingly unlikely.


Nasty? I see nothing nasty.

You on the other hand seem to be speaking from some level of expertise, so I was suggesting you enlighten us. If you took offense to that suggestion, that’s on you.

Nothing is stopping you from playing now. The game is playable as it is right now.

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I remember James saying that they would never abandon us and the game, we were promised new updates. Now the game is sold and all this does not cause good hopes. There is no feedback from the administration, only irritated answers to fair expectations and questions.
There is a folk wisdom - hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


No matter old or new owners, keeping servers going is the minimum that was always maintained.
Now we know that Monumental will make an announcement when the transfer is completed.

What else is there to know?

Please refrain from doom scenarios based on speculation.


Was asking cause they said somewhere In the beginning that it takes around 9 months. And its been over a year now so.


Asking is fine of course, if one genuinely doesn’t know what’s going on, doesn’t remember details given in the past, doesn’t read all threads etc.
I was referring to speculations that follow such questions. It doesn’t help keeping those interested truly informed and instead offers subjective and misleading ideas.
You, like some others, ask to get actual information. It’s only fair you get that instead of unfounded speculation or list of personal grievances towards Monumental, Wonderstruck or other players.

They sure didn’t have experience with buying and transferring a game from abroad. As soon as they realized it’s taking longer, they said it looks like at least a year.

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If your message was a mild insinuation in my direction, then I have listed only the facts.
I’m not calling for some kind of excitement and rebellion, we just need to look at things sensibly and clearly.
I don’t understand why we can’t call a spade a spade and why is it condemned?

Regardless of the topic… very interesting, what will happens after the GREAT data transfering?
I don’t understand this silence mode and I don’t think there are any plans and actions behind it.
At best, the game will continue to exist.

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Not really lol.
I was actually being preventive if anything, after a few previous threads like this ended up being unhelpful, off topic, etc as those replying went off rails and often forgot to simply answer question asked, and instead shared their grievances and doomsday opinions.

To anyone asking where we are in terms of Boundless project, there is only one direct and true answer: Monumental are still in a process of transferring the game and they will make an announcement when it’s done.


I’m ashamed!! :face_with_peeking_eye:
Please excuse me! I didn’t mean anything bad! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :blush: :hugs:
Let everything take its course, let’s hope for the best :boundless:


Monumental said it would take a year to do the transition 14 months ago. I don’t think anyone wants to be feeling doom and gloom about the game. I think everyone would love to be hyped up and excited for the future of Boundless. Right now, though, we are in limbo. Pretending otherwise is just denial. I hope the delay is just paperwork and legalese, but we don’t actually have any evidence that the game is ever going anywhere. Nastiness and insults aimed at people worried about the future of the game are not helpful.


They said it would take at LEAST a year. They didn’t give a set timeline because that would be stupid. They left themselves room to take as much time as they need to.
End of Line.



Love that movie.


I use quotes from your post @CleoStJames, but my reply is not aimed at you specifically. I generally comment on trends I see when people talk about supposed future of Boundless. This is somewhat a summary of my experience of “Future of Boundless” discussions that have been happening over longer period of time. Maybe not a good idea to do it here lol.

It can be a bit too long, so feel free to skip it.
Also, sorry for a bit chaotic nature of it. It’s more of a stream of thoughts than well-thought essay :wink:
I tried and edit some parts to shorten it and make it easier to understand, but well… I don’t know if I succeeded.

We don’t have any evidence that it isn’t either.

As I said, unfounded speculations aren’t helpful for anyone, no matter positive or negative
when someone starts a thread to ask for current state of affairs, they deserve correct answer (what we REALLY know about it, like last known official statement/announcement etc.).

Too often, instead, such threads are used to vent own frustrations and speculative ideas about supposed end of Boundless as a game, which leads to my next point: even though opinions are always welcomed to be shared (OBVIOUSLY), it would be good to remember when and where is a good time and place to do it (again - using someone’s genuine question to go on a rant is not the best strategy - still it looks like I’m doing it here now myself lol).

Usual pattern I see though is this:

  1. someone speculates about Boundless future (or supposed lack thereof), complains about Monumental, Wonderstruck (even individuals) and forgets to use words indicating it’s an opinion (“I think”, “it seems to me”, “probably”)
  2. someone then reacts to it, trying to stick to actual official news and statements
  3. that person is then called a white night or else (I was called toxic not long ago, after simply analysing news from Monumental to argue someone’s opinion that Boundless won’t be continued as a project)

In any point of that cycle people on both side of the fence might forget manners - let’s not create a picture here that all the negatively opinionated are the victims here and that their opinion is somehow being supressed.

Also - let’s not pretend that those who predict or expect negative outcomes (and share it) are the only ones that are worried about the game’s future. WE ARE ALL worried about the future of the game - even the optimists.
It’s still good to stick to what we know rather then speculate, but when people do speculate, they need to be ready for response.

Next thing - why is that people who try to stick to known information, as a reaction to someone’s negative predictions, are automatically called naïve optimists and white knights? It’s just such a misrepresentation to call a realist an optimist.

I agree, no one’s opinion should be ridiculed, but that goes both ways.
However, when someone shares a speculative prediction of negative nature, they should be ready to hear a response from those who disagree. Instead we too often see defensive and dismissive reactions. It is a FORUM and it’s function is to exchange opinions and to have discussion. If someone is not ready to hear different opinions, why would they expect others to hear theirs?

OK that’s enough.
Love you all anyways :sunglasses: :heart:


Well the Only thing im worries that this same company has take few other games just like this and those never have had any updates etc.
Crowfall example.


They ran Crawfall for a while. It requires creating content all the time (seasons) and they suspended it now, with a goal to look for less time- and resource-consuming model.
Its temporary deactivation of servers while the game play model is reworked.

It doesn’t reflect on Boundless possible future, in my opinion, as Boundless require little to no effort to keep it going (which is proved by years of sustained servers despite all the troubles and low player count). So when Monumental completes the transfer and starts assembling a team to work on it, the servers don’t need to be shut down. And whatever rework they try to apply, again - servers can be kept going with minimal effort while the team spends time on changes they think are necessary.

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since there are some the future mentions, it is a lovely planet :stuck_out_tongue:
Does anyone fancy building something there?.