**updated** buying gleamsacs 1700ea 17 MILLION up for grabs

buying mutated gleambow sacs 1k ea. Hand trade or my I have baskets at my store Ghandys trading temple in River towns, Arie. Easily accessible via TNT and ultima plus many others. From there its about 50m from the hub to my shop.


Guess 1k isn’t enough.

2k it is then. Baskets will be updated shorty. Pm me for the moment for a hand trade

I think maybe this is too fast of a move.

Went on a group hunt and with the two i soloed first I wound up with 119 (I missed part of the hunt).

Sold just because I don’t think the 1 minute buffs or the augment with 1/20 chance to summon a gleam meteor are going to be selling for massive amounts of coin.

:man_shrugging: We’ll see how it plays out. In the meantime the cash infusion is nice.


Nice amount. To be honest if it doesn’t work out for me, I can absorb the loss.

Already failed hard and lost a significant amount of coin tonight because I forgot to put colour specific on the gleam request basket (thanks to the ***** who filled my basket with silk yellow) so this might go as well as that did.

Would have been nice if they had messaged me to say lol u failed, they would have got the coin anyway for being honest. Quite a few people know that once I exceed 30m coin I just spend it in a random shop, so I’m annoyed that I wont be doing this for a little while more than anything

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Rough :sob:

People seem disappointed by the buffs a little bit right now, but to be honest it’s a lot easier to get the sacs than I expected.


took 200k from the basket >:D

bumped the price for gleam to 5k so I can get the last few I need.

Food now also on sale 475ea

Gleam purchased:-) food still on sale 475ea

Updated baskets with another 17m coins