** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers || Network layout update/construction

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@Sharkysaur I got a couple of spare plinths, you want them? And yay! Can’t wait to come seeeeee it.

Also @Simoyd I need to find you today to deliver the silver. Or have you got access to the storage shelves on Hunters Square? If so I’ll leave them there.


@ComplexRogue7 Yes, I could use some plinths. I will be on later today, maybe we can meet up and finally friend each other.


Yes! Finally! lol


Awsome!! i did take a quick look on it and it looks great!


I can probably get access if I don’t already. Really appreciate it!


ill fix it :slight_smile:
Edit: Well you have already access :slight_smile:


No problem. I’ll pop them on the shelf when I’m on today.


Portal Seeker Update Epsilo Gateway

Im going to post news about the guild progress in the next days. today Epsilo gateway, then we have the Andoweem gateway, and the Hunters Square.

@Sharkysaur has now finished the Epsilo Gateway, Thx alot for this great work!
I love the design :slight_smile:

You all can conect your portals to Epsilo Gateway pm @virresss @Sharkysaur @SePras


An update about the network!

The top 5 cities of every planet may connect to the network, we will keep the mantaince on the portals!
The requirements for connecting a city portal is:

  • Have the tittle Village (250.000 Prestige)
  • The portal should be accesable on some sort of plaza, village square, portal area
  • You can design a frame for the city portal! Size = 2wx4h or 2wx3h

Then we have on Alternik and Munteen VII an network room. If you would like to connect your network to our network that is possible! :wink:

On Nasharil and Vulpto there is place for opening a shop portal! the rooms are connected be a portal so for the USW and AU server, there is Nasharil Gateway to connect too. For USE and EU there is the Vulpto Gateway.

On homeworlds we have rooms of interest. If you have something special to show , like an attrection, these are the rooms to connect too. If you are on Munteen VII, you can connect to Therka, If you are on Elopor, you can connect to Solum and ect.

For these special portals you can contact @virresss and @SePras on the forum, or on discord:[PS] VirresSs#7811 and SePras#5086 . You can also put down a messege in the Portal Network text chanel on discord: https://discord.gg/rSz8QBE


Hey! Jax here.
I just purchased a portal token to connect to a player portal in the Berlyn hub. I think it is spot A4 (although only A1 is labeled). I was wondering if someone could come by to remove the shop stand and put a header and sign over the portal similar to the A1 portal. It links to my workshop on Berlyn named “Pangur Ban”. Thanks!

EDIT: I can provide the sign modules if necessary.


Hi :grin: I’m not sure who has access to the hub where your portal is but @Sharkysaur oversees the whole network so I’m tagging her and hopefully she’ll be able to help.


@jtanner28 Hi I have added a sign and removed the stand. Let me know if you need anything else.

@ComplexRogue7 thanks for pinging me.


Thanks! It looks good to me.


People using the portal network… we are sorry but it is under construction. we are trying to adapt it to the current blinksec system! we figured out that if the portal is open after the update… That it is open, doesnt mean you can reopen it so be aware!


Small change to the network!

we tried to redesign the network into the new blinksystem. we changed the US east and EU servers.
example to get from Vulpto to Therka this is the road!

Vulpto -> Epsilo -> Munteen -> Septerfon -> Therka

From Solum you have to go to Epsilo

From Vulpto you can go to Nasharil where everything is still the same


The mess is over! Portal Network fixed and this post updated!


Great update post! The new map is amazing!!!


Great work @SePras


I’d like to join Portal Seekers with my Hunter character.


make an application on the discord the link is in the top post