Updated Steam Controller Layout

For those of you playing with a Steam Controller - I wanted to share my latest configuration (“Streamlined”):

To use it, you’ll need to bind “Wind Grapple In” to space, and “Wind Grapple Out” to C. I also highly recommend disabling “Open Inventory Using Interact Key” under game options.

The configuration features:

Mouse button toggles: Pulling down completely on a trigger (until it clicks) will cause that mouse button to toggle on/off until the next time you pull down. This is great for long mining sessions, and saves your wrists from unnecessary strain. Short pulls on triggers behave normally.

Single hand item switching: By default the bumpers will swap items in both hands. If you want to swap a single hand, hold down for your left hand, or for your right, and then use bumpers to cycle items for that hand.

Menu scrolling: When viewing game menus, you can use the left pad to scroll up and down. Treat it like a touch pad by dragging up and down.

Sprint toggle: Pressing down on the left stick will toggle sprint on/off until the next time you press down.

Everything is bound: You’ve got access to all key binds in the game (as far as I’m aware)!


Do you use your feet to use the keyboard while your hands are on the controller? :open_mouth:


I’ve never used a Steam controller so this has me equally impressed and confused. :slight_smile:

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Ha! No, that screenshot just shows what each button/stick/touchpad is configured to do :stuck_out_tongue: You can bind an absurd number of things with 'em - no keyboard necessary! (Hell, I was playing WoW quite effectively on it)

(Though I do have a wireless keyboard handy for chatting - the on screen keyboard that steam provides is a bit goofy)

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So today I went out and bought a steam controller and used the settings you have shared. I don’t mind it, however I’m finding it hard to get used to the targeting. Makes me think that the adjustment time for PS4 players to become as skilled with a controller as we PC players are with keyboards may be a while.

I definitely feel at a disadvantage atm with a controller. Combat is a lot harder and I’m missing a lot more shots and misplaced blocks. Switching items is slower too. Overall I feel keyboard players will have it better.

However I have little choice for the next few weeks, as I’ve just come out of hospital for having my back fused, Lying down and using a keyboard is very infuriating.

I’ve also been unable to get the auto swing to work at all, and I had to make the normal L and R bumper more sensitive as I found I was hitting the bumper either too hard or soft and not actually swinging. Grapples feel ok, the jump and wind in on the same button feels good.

Would be nice to hear your feedback and how you overcame some of these things.

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Awesome, thanks for giving this a go & the great feedback!

I’d give yourself a few weeks to adjust to the controller, it’s got a pretty steep learning curve, especially for targeting! You may want to also play with adding gyro aiming to the mix (I think it’s a bit too advanced/twitchy for a game like this, though). also, definitely adjust the sensitivity on the mouse pad to better suit your style

Doh! I’ve pushed an update that reduces the time it takes to pull up the radial item switching menu when holding bumpers - try updating, I think you’ll find that better now!

Annoyingly, Steam broke the functionality I was relying on (action layers) to make that happen correctly a few patches ago :frowning: Their track record for fixing issues hasn’t been great, either…

It is super awkward right now: you have to do a full press on the trigger, and hold for a few seconds_, and then it’ll toggle on (too many accidental toggles otherwise)

…but from that point, the controller’s state gets a little screwey, and you might have to full press twice the next time to re-enable auto swing

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Hmm okay, I’ll try out the auto swing again.

Also noticed sometimes when tapping the bumper it misses and doesnt change tool. I’d love if left bumper rotated left hand clockwise, and right did right. I find I don’t use the abxy keys often as my thumbs are too short haha. But I think I’m going to setup Y to instantly set both weapon sets to straight up for combat. So I can fast switch when attacked.

Huh, yeah! I’m noticing that I never use the bumpers normally either (I never change a full set at a time, always individual hands)

Yup definitely me. I tend to leave the left hand alone to hold torches, food, grapples, etc while the right hand is tools and weapons. Blocks.

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Oh, also: go into input settings and add bindings to next/previous tab to the bumpers (makes menu navigation less annoying)

Does that not automatically migrate when I update from your layout on steam?

I would like it if the game snapped the mouse to clickable places like slots in inventory and menu buttons instead of being a loose mouse. But that’s something devs need to think about.

Also some sort of aim assist for combat with controllers would be nice. I really feel console players will feel disadvantaged.

The game doesn’t have default binds for next/prev tabs, unfortunately (and I can’t specify in-game binds via the controller config)

Hey your streamlined config is no longer showing up on steam community for boundless. Only shows me Birne’s, Jiivita’s and QuestingKnight

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Weird! Alright, I’ll check it out tonight or tomorrow

Awesome! Did you maybe not republish it after editing it?

I did, but published over the existing one and their publishing UI is …finicky. Likely published over the wrong copy or something

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Heyo! Steam finally fixed action layers.

I’ve published a new version of this config, with the following additions:

  • hitting left/right bumper cycles left/right hands respectively (rather than entire item sets) - should be good now, @Lynxdragon!
  • toggling auto-swing (hold left/right trigger) should now work more reliably
  • Holding Y enables various “extra” actions:
    • auto run (Y + left stick)
    • auto crouch (Y + right grip)
    • auto jump/swim (Y + left grip)
    • item set switching (Y + bumper)
    • extra menu actions (Y + left pad)

Mine’s pretty simple, sticking to the default gamepad controls but adding in the grips for jumping and gyro aiming for precise shots. The stick pressed down opens both chat and the keyboard so I can do all my communication through the controller.

I’ll give your setup a go next time. Lots of useful functions the basic one is missing.

I wish you a speedy recovery! That sounds painful :cry:

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Apart from being stuck in bed at home the recovery is better than living with the injury prior. Not even sure I’ll go back to keyboard and mouse now either. Really like the controller, dislike the game not showing the right buttons all the time.