Updating DKMall map in a few days, perfect time to open that shop you’ve been thinking about making! Still seeking exo and gleambow shops for row X!

Good chance to make (or at least start making) a shop and be included in the map update :slight_smile:

You still get 25k for opening a shop, as always! If you’ve recently opened a shop and haven’t been paid yet, just come find me and let me know!

There’s tons of space in rows F and G, and there’s some space in rows Y and Z!

Still looking for exo and gleambow shops for Row X! 5 so far, and two of those have portals at the exo row at Show room, mooch off them! I think having a bunch in one place will be good for the community.

I’ll put my money where my mouth is, 50k (instead of the usual 25k) to the next 5 callers who open an exo or gleambow shop there! This offer only available for a limited time only! Void where prohibited. See terms and conditions for offer details.


PSA: You’re allowed to sell non exo/gb stuff in your shop on row X too, as long as a majority of the stuff in the shop is exo/gleambow stuff :blush: