Upgrading Backer-Tier

I want to upgrade my baker tier and already made the paypal payment. at the moment i’m not sure at wich email address i need to write my account informations. the last time i upgraded my baker tier i wrote to “oortonline@turbulenz.biz”.

do you get the mails on this account ?

Hey @Heurazio,

I checked out the screen where you proceed with payment when upgrading a backer tier and saw these two things:

I’m not actually going to upgrade so I don’t remember what account information you’re being asked to send via email…but I would either wait for a reply from a dev on this thread or try to give one of those a shot.

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Email: boundless@turbulenz.com


You got Post :slight_smile:

How soon after upgrading should we expect an email back? I know it is a manual process and I hope you guys are getting flooded with upgrades requests.

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I’m going to process all the outstanding requests in the next hour. Thanks for your patience. It’s been a busy few days.


Mail recieved, Badge/Title Missing :wink:

Auto updating seems to have been broken in the name change. We’re fixing it now.


If you sign into the game - your forum title should automatically update.


Nope … Loged in for about 20m and it didn’t changed :frowning:

Don’t worry - we’ll get it fixed. (/cc @OortSimon)

Should be fixed now, the forum plugin hadn’t got updated to playboundless from oortonline.


Yep it seems to be working now. Thank you!

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Hi guys,

I would like to upgrade as well and did the points, that are written in the upgrade thread.

You got 2 e-mails (i hope so), and I would to know, if your recieved them. Hopefully g-mail didn’t moved it to spam :smiley:

May you can check, if the mail reached your mailbox? :slight_smile:

ooh necro thread!
well since they’re reading and I’m already commenting, I’m still awaiting an answer about exchange rates :blush:
but i didn’t wanna bug james, i know he’s busy :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow, I didn’t notice that this thread was 3 years old o.O

Yeah I didn’t wanted to bother the teams with a new thread and hoped, somebody will check this thread later, maybe. So we will see.

I just hope the upgrade would not be forgotten :smiley:

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The official bug-james-thread is here: